REVIEW 100% Accurate Review of: 'The Walking Dead: Michonne EP1' "In the End"
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Below is the script for the video above.

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100% Accurate Review Of:
The Walking Dead: Michonne EP1 (PC)
By Edward Luke DeYoung, Pants Gaming.

The Walking Dead: Mic-onie?, Monochrome?, Michael? Chlorine? Michonne? EP1 In the End, Is a game? I guess you could say it?「どィび「s an interactive narrative??「どィャカI dunno?「どィャカmade by Telltale Games, TWD: Michonne EP1 follows Michonne in her adventures with a bunch of dudes on a boat. So hoist the sales as we set off to take a look at?「どィャカ.

I just want it to end-

As stated above, Michonne follows Michonne through a specific time period in her life. It uses flashbacks to give back story on her character which seems to be new for Telltale Games to use interactive cut scenes that flashback between current and before?「どィャカI?「どィび「d make a time joke here but it?「どィび「s not worth it.

Since Telltale Games are story driven I won?「どィび「t talk about specific beats to much?「どィャカThe cast is very interesting as well as the performances and writing. All the?「どィャカum?「どィャカcharacters seemed unique and didn?「どィび「t seem bland?「どィャカexcept for Michonne herself...

Now, I?「どィび「m not gonna go into the whole argument about ?「どィ?we need more strong women in games?「どィャ and crap, and I understand that Michonne has gone through a lot, and she really doesn?「どィび「t have anything to live for, but. Her lines specifically make her soooooo boring. Her delivery is okay, but this is especially noticeable at the start. After Act 1, her lines get a bit better?「どィャカI guess?「どィャカ

Anyway that?「どィび「s the story part?「どィャカ

Now let?「どィび「s drift onto the gameplay?「どィャカMichonne is a point and click?「どィャカso you point and click on stuff?「どィャカ.It does seem to be a little more streamlined compared to previous Telltale Games but you?「どィび「ll be to busy killing zombies to notice. The action in Michonne is pretty brutal ?「どィて I?「どィび「m surprised it passed the Australian Classification Board ?「どィて Also there is a lot of blood. And not just because Michonne is on her period!


The presentation for Michonne is very visual. When looking towards your monitor you will see something that can be identified as what it is supposed to look like?「どィャカI dunno what you really want me to say? It looks like every other Telltale Game.

In the end, just like in life, Michonne is denied the sweet embrace of death we all long.


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