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Today we're officially releasing the new "Pointers" system!

This new feature allows writers to share their articles before submitting them for publishing. This shared article will only be seen by people who have the link, and those that do will be able to give "Pointers" and helpful feedback to the writer.

Sharing your article

The original article writer will be notified of new "Pointers" on their articles and will also be able to delete unhelpful "Pointers". We hope to, one day in the near future, allow writers to disable "Pointers" or block certain people.

Shared drafts are permanently linked to your drafts, so there's no need to re-share your draft after making an edit.

Giving pointers

Giving pointers on an article is easy-peasy! Simply highlight a sentence or word and a small popup will appear, allowing you to give the writer some feedback.

An example

See an example of a shared article here. You will be able to see the "Pointers" on the article, and if you have a Novogamer account you'll be able to submit your own.



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