REVIEW Ultra Space Battle Brawl: Pong meets Street Fighter.
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There are a lot of indie games that get put out on the Nintendo Switch and there are a good number of bad looking ones, though sometimes a bad looking game can be super fun. One of those games is Ultra Space Battle Brawl. This game looks like it might be a waste of time, though it's actually really fun and challenging. It's a Street Fighter homage with Pong mechanics. Yes that's right a Pong game that looks and plays like a fighting game.

In USBB you have more range than up and down. You have full 360 degree movement along with the classic fighting power move. I'm not going to say this game is easy, though the more I played the game the more I felt like Esports master.

The game has ten characters to choose from, all with different stats and abilities. Just like Street Fighter, every character has a backstory on why they are at USBB which gives the player that desire to win to see the outcome of each character. You will not get bored trying to master your favorite few, or the whole roster.

I've seen USBB on sale a few times over the summer, so you might want to put this on your wish list for that next time you are looking for a fun game to play that may become the next Mario Tennis Aces killer.

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