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The new Novogamer

It's coming up to Novogamer's second anniversary this Monday, so I thought it was about time things were changed up a little.

The first logo was created by playing around with some paint plugins and effects, and well... It doesn't quite represent gaming or journalism, does it?

The brand spanking new logo, however, is beautifully simple. A nice, clean gamepad overlayed on the official Novogamer gradient colours.

The colour scheme has also switched from a rather bright, but boring green, to an energetic, fire-y red with our category tags being various and distinguishable.

Whilst this is all super cool, now we come to my favourite piece of news... We're finally getting an app! The current website works great with mobile, but what could be better than a fully native mobile and tablet app with synchronised drafts, "Hyper articles" integration, and real-time push notifications?

There's not a definite release date for the app yet, but it will definitely be happening soon!

I know this isn't the longest article, but I just wanted to share some of our awesome news, and I hope to be writing a more regular blog (which will now be hosted here, rather than Medium).



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