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AMD vs. Intel

To Intel or To AMD - That Is the Question!!

So, to answer this big question "Do I go for, AMD Or Intel?"...
This is a question that usually stumps most people when buying or building a new system. In my personal experience they are both as good as each other offering a wide variety of similarities, differences, Pro's and cons.

  AMD - Usually offers a cheap but seemingly powerful platform for most systems providing a good first line support service to customers if needs be. However, they seem to be increasing their prices recently trying to compete with the increase in Intel's sales (After Release of the i7 Extreme Edition) I've found that the AMD systems can be clocked  a lot more on the standard cooling supplied with the processor, this allows the end user to squeeze a little bit more processing power from your processor.

Intel - Intel being the more expensive option, you would have thought their customer support would be top notch... Its not... Their customer service is appalling having to go through a lot of pre-recorded machines before reaching someone who actually is able to talk to you. Intel Systems usually have a decent base clock that can be overclocked by a small amount before needing better cooling. Additionally most motherboards are shipped with the horrifying Intel HD Integrated graphics meaning you have to spend more to get any decent video processing power. A good point on Intel systems is that they usually hold their market price meaning you could buy a high end system and in a years time you could sell it for a significantly good price.

So in conclusion both are rather good purchases and its all down to how much money yourself (As the end-user) are willing to spend on a system, and what the system is being used for... Personally I prefer to go for a AMD system that allows me to save a bit of money and offer a more customization-able end product that can offer what I want as an end user.

Any thoughts are welcome :)



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