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DmC: Why the new Dante is not as bad as people say

When Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry remake came out in 2013, it got a lot of negative reviews. Yet, it seems the only problem people have with the game is the personality of the new Dante. If you take the time to really analyze the game, story and characters, you'd see why the game is actually quite good.

Though, like any game, it does have its flaws. Here's a list of all the major ones that I noticed, along with its strengths.

WARNING!: Spoilers Ahead!


Though many people absolutely hate the new Dante's personality, the only reason to hate it is because it's being compared to the old Dante's personality, when they should be considered two different characters. 

New Dante is a mixed race of angel and demon known as a Nephilim. He is not aware of this, because his memory was wiped when he was a child. His whole life, he thought that he was just a regular guy who's parents abandoned him as a child. Though he quickly learned that he was more than just human, with his outstanding strength, speed and durability, It took him until his adult years to learn that his parents actually did love him, and wanted to protect him from the demonic army. Players of the game didn't like that new Dante was so full of anger and spent all his time getting drunk at strip clubs, acting like he was some gangster living the thug life. But when you consider his back-story from before the game's time, It makes perfect sense to have him act like this. He was angry because his parents abandoned him, and was forced to take care of himself. When you think about it, it wouldn't make sense for him to have the joking, care free nature that old Dante had. Though there are similarities with old and new Dante's childhood story, old Dante always knew what happened to his parents, while old Dante didn't find out until meeting Vergil.

Not only is the new Dante (arguably) more relatable than the old Dante, he also develops more as a character than old Dante ever did. By the end of the game, new Dante was even acting more like old Dante, occasionally making jokes mid fight, though he could work on his sense of humor.

After throwing Succubus into a blender-like fan blade

I think the writers could have avoided this issue if they had made that side of him more obvious, be it through a cut scene, or random dialogue. But I think the real issue is that the game came out too soon. Fans weren't ready to let go of their Dante. Maybe if they got some closure to his story, or learned what made him the near silent protagonist he was in Devil May Cry 2, maybe then, they would look at the new Dante in a better way.


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