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Entering the "Deep Dark", The Common misconception.

*Credit to Gilgamesh for the inspiration for this article*

So following a conversation with some people its time to clear up the common misconception between the "Dark Web" and "Deep Web". Many of you will have seen this logo before .

This is the logo for the Tor Browser, the easiest way to access these "Services".

What is the Internet?

Time for a bit of a "Sucking Eggs" description;

The Internet, Short for "Inter-Networking", works by linking every computer connected to it together through your Internet Provider, then each Internet provider links to each other allowing each device to "Talk" to each other.

Gerry in Amsterdam wants to put up a website, so he sets up a machine to work as a server and he opens a port on his router to allow Jim in Colombia to see it using his web address.

Over time the internet has become full of sites offering "Special Services" such as Pornography and Illegal downloading websites. This means that the government and other people are starting to Monitor a lot of internet traffic and blocking these "Special Services" from the internet.
Some of you may be aware of "ThePirateBay" which has recently been removed from the internet.

Okay, So what is DarkWeb/DeepWeb?

They are actually the same thing, This is a common misconception for people as it is mostly misinterpreted as two different things. "oh Deepweb is Worse than Darkweb" or visa versa...

Think of the Internet as it is now, a subway map of different ISP's and computers talking together and being monitored and censored by governing bodies (Thanks Google!) ... then imagine removing all the censorship and monitoring and overlaying a second Network or "Web" over the top of the first.

How Does it Work?

The Deep/Dark Web works on the basis of VPN Tunnels (Virtual Private Network), and basically creates a direct link between you and another computer connected to the internet, this allows people to host websites on their own PC and give access to only people connected to the VPN Network...

By using a VPN network you in essence Mask your own IP address, this makes it near impossible for anyone to track you back to your internet address. It does this by bouncing your internet traffic through many different countries internet connections before getting to the desired website.

Initially this was known as the Deep Web, however due to the sudden increase of Pornography/Torrenting sites inhabiting it it is commonly referred to as the "Dark Web".

In Summary The Deep Web and Dark Web are the exact same thing, a layer sitting Deep below the actual internet that is "virtually" untraceable, containing a lot of Dark websites.


The Deep/Dark web may be "Virtually Untraceable" however there are people on there that have a strong knowledge of computers and can actually try and locate your personal IP Address, for this reason it is now illegal for someone to host a website under the radar on the DarkWeb... please use the access at your own risk.


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