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Game Weapon Practicality 01

So then... How does a gamer who takes pride in his real life analyst skills write a weekly article when he takes more pride in a single character design (bio type stuff) than anything worth money? Well I got thinking and I'm good with weapons and stuff... I figured out how to build a Metal Gear and several weapons crossovers along with knowing many key vitals on the human organs. So why not look at just that. Weapons and characters. Stuff like did Sephiroth kill Aerilth. So, to make it easy I'm using weapons that "don't work" in real life so no guns and I may explain staves however magic is hard to cover as some spells are impossible.

I am going to place a note at the beginning here... I'm working around two "bases" for the weapons. My physical structure as it is something I can work with for using weapons, however I'm also gonna use world records for weight lifted and similar aspects. This should give a range of most people so because I say I can lift it with difficulty don't mean you will struggle. That said I'm male and I'll be using male records for consistency but will adapt for female weaponry

All the formalities covered I need a weapon...Metal Gear, Rail-Gun's, HF blades... What's the best to start with? Well... I'm gonna look at the HF blade as I like the concept, so what is a high frequency blade Its based on real stuff as a blade vibrating fast enough can cut anything while moving slow making it look good so far since its had high frequency vibrations sent through the blade however this don't work in practice. As either the blade would shake too much from needing constant vibration or it would cause your hand to go numb.

The issue is animals like ants that use similar techniques work because of the size and there is a constant source unlike in the games causing issues in implementing the theory to reality. However hypersonic technology may be a nice work around. The vibration from these is enough to help remove the drag and cut objects easier... We have an issue with the hand going numb though. You may be able to direct the vibration away from the hilt and into the blade however it would be a larger hand-guard and may break the blade if you are nanometres out.

It's a plausible weapon if done correctly however may need some work and bulky blades to be effective on anything without melting your hand. Or shaking bolts loose (not a hint for my next article at all.) Leave suggestions in my email ( or


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