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Games That Would Make Good Movies

Since the dawn of time, man has strived for one thing; to make a good movie based off of a video game. If you've read one of my previous articles then you know that I think that video game movies will one day be as good as the game itself. The only catch to this opinion piece is that, hypothetically, the movie has dedicated writers and a competent director.

I am also excluding games that are already getting movies so I apologize to games like The Last of Us, Uncharted, Half-life, and Portal. The games on here aren't obscure by the eyes of us gamers, but not many of them have been considered for a film adaptation. So you may not see the games you wanted on here.

Hotline Miami

Clearly the developers, Dennaton Games,were at least some what inspired by Drive (2011) starring Ryan Gosling. This bloody, pulse pounding game could transition fairly well to the big screen. I believe it would be important for the actor to play Jacket to not speak, but rather show his emotions through his actions. It would keep the air of mystery around him like in the game.

The soundtrack is one of the best you'll ever hear in gaming and would work for a film adaptation. The story is very well written and is a damn good one at that. It would be preferable that the combat/fighting scenes are as smoothly choreographed as the fight scenes in The Raid and as stylish as the fight scene in the nightclub in John Wick.

Do you like hurting other people?

The Cat Lady

It's no secret that I love this game, but The Cat Lady would still work as a emotional psychological thriller movie. The point and click gameplay that helped make the game unique doesn't necessarily need to be in The Cat Lady to keep the intriguing story and spooky atmosphere. It would basically be the proper Silent Hill movie since Hollywood screwed that up twice.

The actress that would play Susan can not be attractive, or at least can't be extremely attractive like most actresses since Susan is depicted as being unattractive. The overall mood and atmosphere would also have to be perfectly recreated down to a T. Let the scenery do the talking rather than the actors. Though Susan would have to talk, unlike Jacket from Hotline Miami.


Now hear me out.....this explanation could go a few ways so let me explain. I am not a weeaboo. Hell, the only anime series I've ever seen was Pokemon when I was a kid, but the Nekopara Vol. 1 visual novel was very well made. I can definitely see it as either a movie or an anime series. The hentai and other stuff aside, the story was pretty convincing and you do end up caring for Chocola and Vanilla.

Who would play Chocola and Vanilla would be anyone's guess. The humor and drama were well handled..and yes the sex scenes were too, but those probably wouldn't be in a movie or anime series. Maybe a hentai series which would be...interesting. Anyways, Nekopara still has a good convincing that you should definitely check out.....but for the "full" experience you need to buy the 18+ version off of the developer's website. Just a suggestion.

Alan Wake

If you haven't played Alan Wake then shame on you. Just kidding. Alan Wake is a game set up like a T.V. series. Even to the point of having a "Previous on Alan Wake.." narration between chapters. If you've played the game then you know that it has an absolutely amazing story. Obviously taking inspiration from Stephen King. Alan Wake even references him as an inspiration.

It would be fairly easy to adapt Alan Wake into a movie. The model of Alan Wake is based off Ilkka Villi and voiced by Mathew Porretta, whereas Alice Wake's model is based off of Jonna Järvenpää. Having Ilkka play Alan Wake in a movie would be the preferable option andJonna Järvenpää as Alice Wake. The dark and spooky atmosphere of the game would make this film a great psychological thriller. Check out this awesome music video from Poets of the Fall to get a taste of an Alan Wake movie.

Max Payne

Okay, okay. I know that this one shouldn't count, but holy hell, the actually Max Payne movie was so awful. Like really?? Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne?? Nothing against the guy as an actor, but as Max Payne? That was a horrible idea. Max Payne's story is so tragic, but the way he goes on a war path, in the games, for revenge is stylish and awesome. This shouldn't have been a screw up of a movie, but it was. So why not a reboot?

Remedy, the developers of Max Payne 1 and 2, did the same thing with Max's character model as they did with Alan Wake's; they based it on a real actor. He even voices Max in the game. James McCaffrey is the definitive Max Payne and should have played him in the movie. So in a reboot, James,should play Max. With Courtney Cox as Mona Sax since they look alike. The dark noir tone of the Max Payne games would work beautifully on the big screen.

Obviously, I wasn't able to put every game that would work well as a movie on here. Which is why I'd like you to comment on this with your suggestion of a game that would be a cool movie. Hopefully, I can make an updated list with all the suggestions. Until then have a good day :)


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