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Grand Theft Amiibo

            March 30th marks the day that the hardcore Nintendo fans have marked in their calendars: Amiibo Wave 4 day! Now, for those of use who don't know what these bits of nostalgic paraphernalia are (or as is more likely, knows what they are and doesn't understand what the deal is), the 4th wave of these little plastic collectables consists of 12 brand new figurines to use in compatible Nintendo titles, like Super Smash Bros on the Wii-U, for example. It is, however, far more likely that the new cast of characters in the line up will be locked in an air-sealed glass container and never touched, but who am I to judge? After all, I still have a questionably sane amount of Yu-Gi-Oh cards in a drawer under my bed... THEY'RE COLLECTOR'S ITEMS, OKAY?

           Amiibo Wave 4 consists of 12 new figures: Pac-Man, Charizard, Inkling Boy (from Splatoon), Lucina, Wario, Inkling Girl, Silver Mario, Robin, Ness, Greninja, Inkling Squid and Jigglypuff as well as an Inkling Boy and Girl 3 pack.

           These figures are going up on Amazon at various points during the day and are already selling, so you'll need to get on them fast if you want to ensure that there won't be an empty space in that air-sealed glass container of yours for all eternity. I mean, they'll be up on eBay within the week, but it sounds far more dramatic the way I put it.

Unfortunately, a select few who pre-ordered the special edition of Splatoon for the Wii-U will NOT be receiving their special edition squid Amiibo following... are you ready for this?

The dastardly theft of a lorry load of Amiibo figures.

        Yeah, that happened. A lorry carrying the special edition “Splatoon“ games to the UK branch of GAME was stolen somewhere along the chain and that's about as much as we know on the subject. Of course, Nintendo fans have felt the harsh sting of pre-order disruption as many have; but this time the legitimate reasoning behind this is as stated above. From this day forward, G.T.A no longer stands as an acronym for Grand Theft Auto, no. From this day on it spells out “Grand Theft Amiibo“.

Incidentally, if anyone affected by this incident wishes to cancel or change their order, GAME are offering both of these options if you get in touch with them. Contacting GAME customer services on 0208 827 0099 or on [email protected] before Friday should see you able to amend your order. May the Amiibods be ever in your favour... nailed that pun...


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