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5 Mobile Skateboard Games To Celebrate International Go Skateboard Day

For the last 14 years June 21st has been know as Go Skateboard Day. It's just like Free Comic book Day or Record Store Day. It's a day we get out and celebrate one of our hobbies, or for some profession.

I know this article might come late to you in Europe, but we still have some day light here in the States. In honor of today I wanted to share some of my favorite mobile Skateboard games for Android. So let's get into it.

5. Transworld Endless Skater - Free

When you think endless skater you think Temple Run type game with side view skateboarding where when you mess up three times it's game over. Nope not with this game. This game is see how far you can get in 60 seconds, while trying to achieve three different challenges after another.

The game has pro skaters you can unlock to be like Danny Way, Ryan Decenzo, Lyn-Z Pastrana, and Christian Hosoi just to name a few. Which was one of the reasons why I downloaded the game besides it being free.

The only issus I have is the game is timed this does not seem to be really endless, along with a four point controls this is why I'm putting it at number 5.

4. Epic Skater - Free

Epic Skater looked like a fun kids skateboard game. Though after downloading it I found out how much fun and challenging this true endless skater game is.

The game is just collecting coins while maneuvering through different levels with long rails and huge gaps. Epic Skater has been one of the skateboard games I play daily. Though I have gone through 4 phones in a year I still love getting back to where I left off after every time I reinstall this game.

The controls are super simple and I hope this game helps get kids excited even with the crazy gaps and some unrealistic Tony Hawk Pro Skater type lines you can do. This is a great casual skateboard game that you will find playing over and over again.

3. Skate Lines - Free

Skate Lines is another endless skater game that I found last year that I just fell in love with. This is one of my favorite skateboard games ever made next to Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 and Skate 3. The game never left beta. It got so popular that developer Agens just put it out publicly with promise for a full game that is now called Skate City. Which is being co created by Alto's Adventure developer Snowman.

The controls are simple. Though being in the beta stage could use some work. I really loved the chill instrumental soundtrack that went with the three levels you can play. This is the most zen skate game you'll ever play. That is why it's my top three skateboard games. This is the game you play after skating all day and are relaxing after a great session.

Even though the game is beta and Skate City has no release date yet. This game is better then 95% of the skateboard games you'll find on Google Play.

2. Skater - $5

I saw a meme that said "Fidget Spinners are fingerboards for posers". For most skaters that is fact. Fingerboards were the first fidget spinners for skaters with ADD and pre-diagnosed autism. So when smartphones first came out there was a fingerboard game called Touch Grind. That game was fun for maybe 5 minutes. I was pissed I paid money for it. As much as I love fingerboards I hate fingerboard games.

Till one day I watched this video from Revive Skateboard owner Andrew Schrock about a skateboard game his company was in called Skater. I was turned off by it being a fingerboard game though I thought I'd try it out when I found it on sale for $.99.

I was really surprised to see how much I liked this game. I just like how you earn stars to unlock boards, shoes and real location. That was a selling point for me was real locations like you'd have in Tony Hawk games. Unlike other fingerboard games you had fake spots that you had to pay for. They have some great compete decks as well from Toy Machine, Baker, Deathwish, Foundation, Zero, and DGK.

This is one of the first games I saw skaters making YouTube videos playing a mobile skate game. The tactility controls are smooth just like EA's Skate games are. Though it may cost you a Starbucks or a pint it's well money spent. Don't feel fooled by other fingerboard type games Skater is the only one you need.

1. Skate Party 3 ft Greg Lutzka - $2

Skate Party 3 is the third skateboard game from Ratrod Studios featuring pro skateboarder Greg Lutzka. Skate Party is the only mobile skate game that plays like Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, which is one of my favorites out of the series of Tony Hawk games. It had the best real locations, pro skaters, secret skaters, and special moves.

I got just as excited about playing Skate Party 3 as I did playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4. To me it's Ratrod's best game yet. It's still playable even a year after it was launched. It has a online vs mode just like Skate 3. It really is the closest console clone to a skateboard game that I've played. From touchscreen Tony Hawk style type controls, to console reimagined graphics, as well as Skate 3 and Tony Hawk type challenges.

This is the best skateboard game made so far. I have not played a mobile skateboard since Skate Party that captures my favorite video game series Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Activision was working on a mobile Tony Hawk game, but then scrapped the game and started making Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5. Though late year after Skate Party 3 came out I was not mad about it anymore. If you love Tony Hawk Pro Skater or Skate this is the game you've been looking for.

Here are a few honorable mentions:

1. Alto's Adventure - Free

Alto's Adventure is a fun endless snowboard game. It's one of the most popular casual games ever. It was even Apple used it as an example for their keynote at this year's WWDC.

2. Halfpipe Hero - Free

Halfpipe Hero is just a fun casual endless halfpipe game that I've found very fun to play to kill some time.

3. Skate City - Unreleased

Like I said earlier Skate City is a game that is being developed by Agens and Snowman. Even though the game is not released this looks like it could be the next best skateboard game ever. Even pro skater Jonny Giger has said that it could be the Tony Hawk Killer.

I linked Skate City's Instagram above. That is where they posted most of the game play videos.


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