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My 100th Article: An Update on My Progress

If you're one of the few that care about what I have to say, I know it's been awhile. So I feel like I need to explain a few things.

First of all, if you're still here reading my articles despite my absence, you have my undying gratitude. I wouldn't still be writing articles for this site if not for you all. Second, I am personally writing this to inform everyone that is still around that I will be making some major changes to how any of my future articles will be written. This has actually be a long time coming.

The first thing that should be noted is that I will no longer be writing any sort of news articles or recaps of major announcements unless I find something interesting about it in which I can give my two cents on the matter. Keeping up with the constant stream of news is not something I am capable of doing because I have another job and my family that I need to attend to first. Plus the pressure on getting a time-sensitive article out in a quick and orderly fashion is starting to grate on my mental health.

Second, I am going to start writing short stories, poetry and essays every now and then so as to break up the monotony between my reviews and top-10 lists. I know that too much of one thing can get awfully stale and I want to try and avoid that in any of my future articles. Also if possible, I would like to try and up the frequency I've been writing to at least one article a week. I can't make any promises on that front, but I can sure as hell try.

Finally, I am going to be making some major overhauls to how I write my reviews. From now on I will be analyzing the reviewed game in chunks and reviewing each of said chunks separately. As such, I will no longer be giving a game a possible score out of 5 and instead be giving it a maximum overall score of 30, with a possible 5 total points being given to each of the following categories being "music & sfx," "difficulty," "control," "graphics," "originality," and "execution." Also, at the very end of each future review will be a "pros & cons" list that reflect my personal opinion of any other aspects that the game might have. Take what you will from that with a grain of salt.

Once again, I want to thank you all again for sticking with me for this long. I'm sorry for the lack of updates and I'm sorry for the decline in the number of articles I've been writing. I can't promise that I can keep up with the new schedule that I have set for myself, but I can certainly try because I won't be going anywhere any time soon. So until then, I'll be seeing you.


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