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Nintendo Smashes Content Creators?

          So for those unaware, Nintendo and YouTubers have been having a “lovers tiff“ as of late. This tiff sparked off following Nintendo flagging and taking down monetised content relating to their games that had been put up on YouTube without their consent. The way Nintendo worked around the ensuing outrage was to force uploaders to sign up to their “Nintendo Creators Program“ if they wished to continue creating content. Of each video registered with tis service Nintendo would take 40% of the advertising revenue AFTER YouTube's cut, leaving the uploader with little to show for their work come pay day. Now you're suitably loaded up with exposition, I'll continue to the point of the article.

The point of this article pertains largely to a post on Neogaff, regarding some lines of text found in the back end of the new Super Smash Bros game. Neogaff user IntelliHeath says that they were “looking at The Cutting Floor Room randomly for recently released games“ and came across some text that could only be used for an interaction in which the player could upload replays to YouTube. A similar function exists in Mario Kart 8 for the Wii-U, which is already fuly implemented and is being used.

            What strikes me here is that Nintendo are essentially punishing YouTubers who have uploaded Nintendo Content for years with one hand whilst actively encouraging the same practice from literally anyone with a copy of the game with the other and in short, this annoys me. A more objective, stripped back look at the facts basically reads; established creators who have been producing Nintendo focussed content for years have to pay Nintendo if they wish to proceed as usual. As such, many content creators are falling to the wayside because they can't afford to produce the same level or volume of content anymore. As this is happening, Nintendo seem to be toying with the idea of flooding the void their system is creating with 30 second Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros replays because they're after some free advertising.

Of course, this utter blindside of Nintendo's YouTube community may not be a conscious decision on the Nintendo end. Is it possible that Nintendo just don't see tailored, well written content and short in game recordings "ad infinitum" as the same thing?. Either way, if this feature gets dragged back off of the cutting room floor and fully implemented in to the game (which it isn't as of yet) then I feel it could only be seen as hypocrisy on Nintendo's part. The logic simply does not work.

What do you think about this whole thing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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