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novoGamer at Insomnia55


For all those that dont know,

Myself (gh0st) and admin have applied for press passes to Insomnia55 (The UK's Largest) Gaming Festival, Hosted by Multiplay (UK) Ltd.

What We Will Be Doing At Insomnia55 :

Mainly we will be just having some fun - getting an insight into all the new games and future articles we could expect on novoGamer .
it would also act as a huge recruitment drive for novoGamer, Multiplay's insomnia gaming fest is expected to see thousands of gamers through its doors each day. this gives us a huge chance to recruit some new users to join our ever growing community of gamers and journalists. this means you can expect some good quality articles and a lot more content for you all to have a nice time reading.
Streaming; Myself and admin plan to stream from the festival each day we are there, these will include interviews with people we meet and an exclusive novoCast "in the field", we also plan to stream some game-play of either new games or games that we both love...

What is Insomnia55:

Insomnia55 is the largest gaming festival to hit the UK hosted by Multiplay ltd.
Multiplay is a gaming services company specialising in Events Management and Online Hosting Services. We are passionate about gaming, and dedicated to helping bring people together both online and at live events. Not only do we manage events for other companies, we also run our own Insomnia Gaming Festival events in the UK. On the online side of our business, we host consumer gameservers for a variety of titles, as well as a wide-spanning range of online and enterprise hosting for commercial clients. We cover everything, from management to marketing, broadcast and creative, systems development and operation and then further beyond. We’re dedicated to helping you and your product be the best they can be.

Insomnia see's gamers from all around the world visit it to get the low-down on all the new and upcoming games, it also sees one of the hugest "Lan-Partys" known to man where gamers are allowed into the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) arena to pit it off against other gamers all from different communities and backgrounds. Even some famous ones such as The Yogscast and other big Youtubers - if we can we hope to be able to stream an interview with someone big in the gaming community.

Why Insomnia55:

Thanks for reading - gh0st :)

On a personal note: We want to try and see as many of you in person so if you could get to see us at any of the gaming festivals we go to then that would be absolutely amazing...Peace


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