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Upcoming Video Game Movies and What to Expect

Well colour me surprised, for some bizarre reason the film industry gods have decided to grace us with at least four films this year that happen to be based on video games; what a pleasant gift. And by pleasant gift I of course mean a gift that has been stuck underneath a pile of dirty laundry for two years and was only given out because someone forgot their anniversary. And the gift was a mouldy fish.

Yes, Video Games and Film have a poor history together; this is something that pretty much everyone is unanimously agreed on regardless whether you’re a Film Buff or a Games Fan.

The problem with this seems to come from the narrative nature of both mediums, when you boil it all down, Films focus on the Story and Games focus on the Action. And when we look at how both mediums have been mixed together in the past, it hasn’t been pretty.

Film to Game Adaptations are notorious for being of poor quality, these games are usually rushed out in order to promote their film counterparts, the lack of development time frequently results in games that are either poorly tested, repetitive or linear in design. Part of this problem stems from the parent mediums focus on story, this means that action from the film will have to be artificially lengthened for the game and other cases being simply made up in order to get a game that is of acceptable length. Some gems do shine through in some cases however, games such as; The Lion King on Mega Drive and Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 have proven to be exceptional games in their own regards, proving that you can make a great product out of what has been given to work with.

Game to Film adaptations on the other hand, really should work on paper. A game typically has minimal plot which allows the film creators to have creative freedom in what they want. Lara Croft raids Tombs, Max Payne wants revenge, Mario saves the princess. All these simple premises have the potential to be expanded upon and have potentially exciting plots, yet they keep getting squandered by people who seem to have no idea what they are doing.

Why does Lara Croft fight a Robot? Why is Max Payne fighting weird Bat monsters? Why is the Mushroom kingdom basically Downtown Reagan-Era New York?

It confuses me especially in this day and age since adaptations of literature and other media seem to receive generally faithful adaptations, showing that at least some attention has been given to the source material, but this doesn’t seem to happen for video game adaptations. Is there any reason why Agent 47 has been changed from a stealthy assassin who can hide in plain sight without killing anyone that isn’t a priority to a loud, dumb, unsubtle killing machine who couldn’t stand out more if he was Homer Simpson at an anorexic supermodel convention? Twice!?

When films like Prince of Persia and Mortal Kombat have set the bar for Video Game films then something has clearly gone wrong.

But with that said, it really should be said that most of these upcoming adaptations do have potential to be good, if not enjoyable flicks, and the purpose of this article will be to analyse what needs to be done in order to make these films both faithful and positively represent the medium that they are supposed to be promoting.

Ratchet & Clank (29 April 2016)

So I recently finished playing through the original three Ratchet and Clank games and I honestly found them to be some of the finest games I’ve ever played. The gameplay is top notch, showing a gradual progression to the apex of the series in the form of Ratchet & Clank 3. The Humour is magnificent and the Characters are Lovable. So yes, Ratchet & Clank, in my opinion does have the makings to be a good film.

The Film itself is a retelling of the original game and incorporates other elements from later games in the series, such as making Dr Nefarious (The Big Bad of R&C3) a minion of the real villain Chairman Drek, which is great if you ask me since Dr Nefarious is one of the funniest characters ever put into a video game.

The film is Directed by Kevin Munroe[1], who also serves as one of the writers. His previous work includes 2007 TMNT film and the critically panned film √¢‚ǨÀúDylan Dog’, admittedly I haven’t seen either of these films, so I can’t really judge him for his previous work. The other writers are Gerry Swallow[2] (who wrote the Screenplay for Ice Age 2) and TJ Fixman[3]. Fixman has actually written for all of the PS3-Generation R&C games, so this is promising since they have an actual writer from the games on board.

So with one of the writers on board it’s good to know that the Main 4 actors from the games are reprising their roles for the film. James Arnold Taylor, David Kaye, Jim Ward and Armin Shimmerman will reprise their roles as Ratchet (Voiced by Mike Kelly in the first game), Clank, Qwark and Dr Nefarious respectively. I’m glad that these guys have been kept on board for the film since it keeps a sense of familiarity with the characters and does justice for fans of the series.

While the lack of Kevin Michael Richardson as Chairman Drek is a small loss to pay for the benefit of hiring a better known actor for the role, I believe that Paul Giamatti will do fine as him. The guy is a talented actor and I think he will tackle the role suitably, and from the little I've seen from him in the trailer he seems to capture the affably evil nature of the character. Also among the cast are John Goodman, Rosario Dawson and Bella Thorne, along with Sylvester Stallone portraying Victor Von Ion, a henchman of Drek whose only role in the original game was to run away, whereas here, he’s basically a robot version of well, Sylvester Stallone.

Also worth noting that the film is going to have a tie-in game that follows the film storyline, essentially what we have is a game based on a film based on a game. How meta. Thankfully, the game itself seems to be in good hands, it is being developed by Insomniac Games, the official creators of every other R&C game, so this is good.

The plot, from what I’ve seen from the trailer seems to change Drek’s plan from using his planetary mutilation scheme for profit into a √¢‚ǨÀúDestroy Planets for the Evulz’ type deal. At least, that’s what I took out from the trailer and the clips that I’ve seen. I imagine that that actual film will be more in line with his goal from the original game though, and the planet-go-boom clip from the trailer was out of context for marketing sake.

The trailer promises fun action and light-hearted humour that is reminiscent of the games it is based on, so tone seems to be something that is captured well in the trailer at least.

Characterization-wise, all the characters seem to retain the personalities that they had from the games, although Ratchet is no longer the complete dick he was in the original game and retains the more likable and charming aspect of his personality from the later games, which is a change that I approve of. Also Dr Nefarious is a √¢‚ǨÀúSquishy’ in this game, whereas he was a Robot in the games, although I imagine that this will be a plot point that retells his backstory of how he became a robot in this film, which if you’re going to add him in, is a good idea since it easily explains his motivation without having it get in the way of the main plot.

The humour from what I’ve seen is really promising too, this is an aspect that is necessary for this film to succeed since the games, in my opinion, are some of the funniest ever written, and the trailer has the right kind of tone that I would expect from an R&C film.

I have to say, People seem to be legitimately excited for this:

So I guess it’s fair to say that we’ve seen the best already, it’s not getting any better than this. Regardless with some skepticism with some of the crew aboard the production of this film, I have a feeling that this one might actually be pretty good, the project shows promise and the benefit of being fully animated has a good appeal for audiences. So it will be at least one of the better films to be based on a video game. Regarding how much money it will make at the Box office, I don’t honestly know, the film doesn’t seem to have much competition during its release week (unless you regard the Huntsman prequel as √¢‚ǨÀúCompetition’), but the release of Captain America 3 the next week might cause some significant problems on the Box office intake.

Fingers Crossed that this will be a good one.

The Angry Birds Movie (20 May 2016)

And now we discuss the complete antithesis of the previous entry. Whereas Ratchet & Clank has a large and varied world to explore, Angry Birds does not. I’ve only played Angry Birds once, on a boat during a family holiday; it’s a fine time waster game but I don’t understand how you can make half a dozen sequels based on it, let alone a movie.

In case you can’t tell, I don’t have high hopes for this movie. I saw a Cinema spot for this when I went to see Deadpool and the entire thing was a fart joke. How weak.

The film itself has several trailers, the International Trailer basically spoils the whole movie. The humour is incredibly pandering and lowbrow, I know the often repeated phrase is to √¢‚ǨÀúNever Judge a Film by it’s Trailer’ but if the jokes that make it into the trailer include gems such as:

“She can shoot fireballs out of her butt“ - Red, The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

Then what kind of jokes weren’t good enough to promote the damn thing?

Another high class scene comes from the Official Theatrical Trailer where mighty Peter Dinklage Eagle does a big wee-wee in the pool everyone was swimming and drinking in. A joke that is right in the High-Calibre tier of humour as the Exclusive Trailer scene where Josh Gad Bird shoves his ass in Jason Sudeikis Bird’s face.

From all the Ass-Slapping and Toilet Humour, everything about this seems to be pandering to a younger audience who doesn’t understand humour. Everything about this film seems wrong.

The Plot (based on a game series that has no plot), according to the trailer is that Pigs steal the eggs. This is done by everyone except the main character being too stupid to realise that the Pigs are interested in all their eggs and talking down the Hero when he points out how trusting this race of Always Chaotic Evil pigs who they’ve never met before who act suspiciously and are rude jerkasses is a bad idea.

The film is written by one Jon Vitti[5], who also wrote the first two Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. It is directed by Clay Kaytis[6] and Fergal Reilly[7], two chaps who have directed absolutely nothing before in their lives and have only worked as Art Directors on various projects (admittedly, the fluid animation is the one pro I’ll give the film).

Essentially what we have is a film with a poor writer, with poor jokes, directed by rookie directors, based on a cash-cow franchise with an all-star cast that exist to distract you from the fact you’re watching a bloody Angry Birds film!

This entire project seems like something that was produced by committee, it’s just something that exists. “Here’s something that was popular, make a film on that, no need for thought or energy, just put in some toilet humour and Celebrity Voices and the Kids will lap all that up!“

The sad thing about this film is that regardless of quality, it’ll still be a Box office Success. This film has no competition upon its release and the fact it’s based on a game that is mostly played by kids who have nothing better to do except glue their eyes to their smartphones proves that the film already has an audience who have low expectations for the film. It has a budget of $80million[8] , which is less than the last Ice Age film by comparison.[9]

Don’t raise your expectations for this one folks.

Warcraft (10 June 2016)

I’m going to be perfectly honest. I know nothing about Warcraft. I’ve never played any of the games, know nothing about the lore or even who any of the characters are.

From what I understand of the plot, the film is a prequel to the games and will focus on a war with Human’s and Orcs, the trailer seems to show that a group of orcs are going out of their way to avoid war with the humans to protect their people and then some bad stuff happens with a sorcerer or something. Like I said, my knowledge of Warcraft lore is pretty much non-existent.

The film is Directed by Duncan Jones[10], who is best known for being the son of the late David Bowie. He’s also known as the Director of Moon and Source Code, two great Sci-fi films that I’d highly recommend. The Transition from Sci-fi to Fantasy shouldn’t be too big of a leap for him. I mean after all, Sci-fi is basically science with a more fantastic feel to it.

I feel that Jones can do a lot more with this film, especially since this film has a much larger budget than either of his previous films, which according to the producer of the film, has a budget of over $100million[11]. Although I’m concerned that the budget may result in less financial success, especially since the last big budget film to have an indie director did EXTREMELLY poorly. [12]

I don’t doubt that Jones will do a bad job in direction, from what I’ve seen from the trailer he manages to convey a strong emotional plot while delivering thrills with many of the lines that are spoken, emphasised with the motion of the characters and the cinematography of the scenes.

The film has two main writers, with the screenplay done by Charles Leavitt[13], a man who has a fairly respectable career, with a story written by Chris Metzen[14], who has written for various entries of the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo franchises. Like I stated earlier, I haven’t actually played any of the Warcraft titles, so I can’t really speak for the quality of this man’s work, but like Ratchet & Clank previously, I think it’s a good idea to have one of the game writers as part of the actual production of the movie adaptation, rather than being kicked upstairs as a √¢‚ǨÀúconsultant’.

I think that the problem that some Warcraft fans might have with this film are some lore changes, I don’t really know what these are, but considering that Warcraft has a massive fan community this could leave a sore spot for some viewers. Like I said, I can’t really speak for fans on this one.

One problem I noticed in the trailer was the fact there is a lot of CGI present, in Duncan Jones’ other films, CGI was used quite sparingly, which leads back to my problem with him as the director. CGI can easily make a film look artificial and can take some viewers out of the experience, especially when contrasted with the actors placed in front of a Blue Screen.

Another Problem that arose while writing this article was a release of a second trailer, take a look:

It’s awful.

The guy in marketing who gave the Greenlight for a Fantasy Epic preview to be set to Dubstep should be fired. Immediately. When you do something like this, you set a bad mental image for the quality of the film and alienate people who may have been interested since the Soundtrack and Visuals do not mesh well together at all. I think that this particular trailer may have been produced as Studio Mandate, for some inane decision. I believe that the son of Bowie would not approve this sort of thing so I can only guess that this was made without Jones’ consent or control and PRAY that it is not representative of the final film.

So who knows, the quality of the film might actually be good. It does have a strong production crew and a great Director behind it. One thing that I do believe however is that the film will not make its money back. As I previously stated, this film cost $100million to make. The problem is that this is an epic fantasy movie, and with the notable exceptions of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, these tend to be box office failures. I’m not convinced that this film will have a broad audience appeal since it’s based on a game series that even some of the fans are having complaints about, as well as the poor track record of Video Game films in general, it seems that the film is unlikely to make much of an impact at the box office.

Not helping matters is the fact that the film comes out the same week as The Conjuring 2 and Now You See Me 2, the week after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and the week before Finding Dory. All films are highly anticipated sequels that already have large fanbases for a movie-going audience. Meaning this film is unlikely to attract much of a crowd in comparison. The fact the title is √¢‚ǨÀúWarcraft: The Beginning’ in some countries might alienate some audiences into believing that the film is intended to be the first in a series or a prequel to a film they haven’t heard of.

So overall, might be good, more likely to bomb.

Assassin’s Creed (21 December 2016)

I’ve only played one Assassin’s Creed game; Assassin’s Creed II. It’s a great game with an intriguing premise and the universe of Assassin’s Creed, while having a convoluted lore, is something that is ripe for expansion and could potentially work as a movie.

According to the higher-ups behind the film, it will be canon to the games and will follow a new protagonist played by Michael Fassbender, which is good because one of my problems with AC2 was because of boring hero Desmond Miles and his boring face. I think this works well because, as previously stated, it’s taking advantage of expanding the AC universe and not retelling a story we’ve all seen before. It also allows those who are unfamiliar with the Franchise to be introduced with a hero that they doesn’t have any pre-established history, allowing them to follow him as the story unfolds.

As Stated, Michael Fassbender will play the two leads, Callum Lynch is the hero of the Modern Day scenes who uses the Animus (people who know nothing about the games will not get this at all) to relive the memories of his Ancestor Aguilar from 15th century Spain. [4]

If you’ve seen Fassbender in the Assassin’s garb, you’ll probably be in agreement that he certainly looks the part of an Assassin. The guy is a terrific actor with a lot of range; I loved his roles in the X-Men films and Inglourious Basterds so I think a film where he has to play two distinct characters shouldn’t be difficult for him.

Other confirmed Cast Members include Marion Cotillard (Inception, Dark Knight Rises, Macbeth), Michael K. Williams (12 Years a Slave, Kill the Messenger), Ariane Labed (The Lobster), Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter, In Bruges, 28 Days Later) and Jeremy Irons (The Lion King, Die Hard with a Vengeance) who will be playing the villain in the modern day period, unconfirmed but obvious because he’s the CEO of the villainous corporation and a british guy, textbook villain.

The film is to be directed by Justin Kurzel[15] who also directed another Fassbender starring role in Last years film adaptation of Macbeth, which is very good from what I’ve heard, also from Macbeth is Screenwriter Michael Lesslie[16]. However, a red flag appears when you realise that the other two Screenwriters for the film are Bill Collage[17] and Adam Cooper[18], a duo responsible for writing the critically panned films; Exodus: Gods and Kings, The Transporter Refueled and Allegiant. Oh dear.

This is one of those films where I’m just unsure on whether it will be good or not, but the production staff on a project and their history can give an idea on if the film will turn out any good or not and having people capable of creating strong dialogue and story are the key feature in a film, in a game you can sometimes get away with having a weak story if the gameplay is good. Films do not have that luxury. All I’m saying is to have an open mind about how it may turn out.

Bizarrely, by several Accounts, the film will have a Budget of between $150-$200million[19]. Which is Much larger than the CGI-fest of Warcraft. Perhaps it is too early to tell and that number may change as the film nears completion, but I have to wonder what all that money is being spent on. My guess is that Ubisoft is preparing a Large Advertising campaign, but they seem to have a bizarre idea on how Film Pre-orders work, with a Ticket pre-order with a replica Crossbow being sold for $1,200.[20] What?

Who exactly are these for? When I go to see a film, I don’t think to myself, √¢‚ǨÀúMan, this experience wouldn’t be complete without my Lethal Weapon in tow!’ I guess you have to get the Merchandising out there somehow.

I have a feeling that the film will end up Bombing though, all because of one reason: Star Wars. The film is to be released the week after Rogue One hits theaters, and anyone who followed the Box Office returns for The Hateful Eight last year will know that the poorly timed release certainly didn’t do any favours for that film, and considering the negative reputation of Video Game Movies and Ubisoft’s questionable business practices, the idea that this film will be a Box Office Success seems to falter in probability.

So overall, the film might be okay, but it’s gonna flop.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (27 January 2017)

Yeah, no.

I’m ashamed to admit that the first Resident Evil movie is my only interaction with the franchise. It was Bad. The acting was poor, the effects were laughable, the story was convoluted, the characters were unlikable, must be one of the better Video Game to Film adaptations then!

While I’m willing to try out the Resident Evil games (due to my lack of experience with Survival Horror games and lack of time), I can’t say the same for the films, which from what I understand are each worse than the first one.

The film stars Milla Jovovich as Mary Sue Alice Sue, a supersoldier who wants to save the world from Umbrellas or something.

Look, I’ll be frank, I have no interest in seeing this film, it’s the SIXTH movie in a film franchise I don’t care about. I’ve seen reviews for previous films that point out the inconsistencies between the games and even other films, just watch those. I honestly have higher hopes for Angry Birds than this film, at least that film seems like something good can come out of it (I’ll say again, the animation looks really good). But this no.

The film is Written and Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson[21], whose over credits include other Resident Evil movies. I have nothing more to add other than he’s married to the lead Actress, so that’s a thing.

Even though I’m sure the film will be panned by critics (since all the other films were), I don’t really know if this film is going to be financially successful, since all the other films were (somehow). The film is going to come out in January, a dump month[22] where studios throw out their movies that aren’t good enough to compete with Summer Blockbusters or Late-Year Oscar Bait.

So what we have here is a Finale to a critically panned Film Franchise, being released in the worst month of the year and being made by someone whose resume reads like a Cinematic Death Warrant. Cool.

Look, if you like these films, then more power to you, I just see no reason to see this one personally, I have no interest in it at all and have very little material to work with to form an opinion on it.

My only hope is that the film is more √¢‚ǨÀúFinal Chapter’ than √¢‚ǨÀúResident’.

Uncharted (30 June 2017)

Doesn’t this seem a bit redundant? I mean the Uncharted games are basically interactive movies where you shoot guys in lots of parts. Doesn’t the idea of having an entry where one of the main drives of the series has been removed seem unnecessary? I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

So I’ve only played the first game of this series, I thought it was good and had engaging characters and a fun narrative, although I thought the actual shooting mechanics were a bit clunky (I assume this was refined in the sequel, which I need to play). Regardless, I do see that there is cinematic potential for this IP.

This film has apparently been in development hell since 2008, since then various Directors, Writers and other production staff have been attached and dropped out over time. According to the films IMDb page, the current Writers Attached to the film are Mark Boal[23] (Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker), Cormac[24] and Marianne Wibberley[25] (National Treasure, G-Force, The Shaggy Dog (2006)) on Screenplay duties and Thomas Dean Donnelly[26] (Sahara, Dylan Dog, Conan the Barbarian (2011)), David Guggenheim[27] (Safe House, Stolen) and Joshua Oppenheimer[28] (Same as Thomas Dean Donnelly) will be writing the story.

Any film that has this many writers is never a good sign since each of these people will want to put their own idea of how the film should work, this has been seen on countless film projects of the past, the fact that the works of these writers seem to vary so wildly in quality doesn’t help. But then again, this is early in production so this will likely change at some point during production.

No Director is currently attached to the project.

According to IMDb summary[29] the plot will follow the story of the first game, which continues to raise the question of the purpose of this film. Again, this is still early in development (even though they’ve had eight years to work on this) so this will hopefully change at some point to become something more original.

I don’t seem to be alone in thinking that an Uncharted movie is unnecessary, according to an interview with Nathan Drake actor Nolan North, the fans themselves aren’t even interested in the film and doesn’t even think the film will be financially successful. See below:

Considering that the film is being released between upcoming Mega-Blockbusters Transformers 5 and Spider-Man: Homecoming, it raises the question if the film will make any money or if it is even going to meet its intended release date.

Overall, no way to tell if the film will be good or not, will probably be delayed again.

Sly Cooper (TBD 2017)

Yet another Game Series that I have little experience with, my only interaction with the Sly Cooper series is a Demo for Sly 2 on the Ratchet & Clank 3 disk; it was fun. I’d gladly play the series if I could actually get my hands on a copy of the game, for some reason none of the old games stores I come across have any copies.

But that’s beside the point, the film is to be directed and written by Kevin Munroe[30], who is also responsible for the aforementioned Ratchet & Clank film.

The Main voice for Sly has changed from Kevin Miller to Ian James Corlett, with Matt Olsen and Chris Murphy reprising their roles as Bentley and Murray respectively. However, Kevin Miller has gone out on record to state that while Corlett has definitely been cast as Sly, the rest of the cast is not final at this point in time.[31] I think this may be a sore spot for some fans who are more familiar with the series, like I said, I’ve barely played the games so I don’t have much of an attachment to the series so perhaps it isn’t my place to say such things.

What I do know is that the art style for the film has changed from the cel-shaded look of the games to a non cel-shaded appearance, regardless, the animation in the teaser looks very nice and fluid although the designs for some of the characters seem a bit off in comparison to the games.

The plot according to IMDb[32] is that the film will be an origin story and a prequel to the games, showing how the main trio all met. So the premise itself promises adventure and fun globetrotting escapades which seems to fit in with what I remember from the Sly 2 demo I played.

Speaking of the teaser, why does the gang decided to rob donuts from a police station rather than the donut shop, doesn’t that make more sense? I assume this is just a way to test the reaction of fans towards the idea of a Sly Cooper movie and if the YouTube ratings are any indication then most people seem to be favourable towards the film.

Someone who ISN’T however is a friend of mine who has very strong feelings towards the series and has voiced his disapproval for the film, he has requested to remain Anonymous regarding his opinions of the Teaser, of which I will allow him to explain below, after all he knows more about the franchise than I do:

I thought it was dreadful, the art style is completely different from the one in the game (That imo is one of its most eyecatching features), the characters have this feel of "cartoony motley gang of misfits", and while they're essentially this in the games as well, it's never played out so, like, childishly as it is in that test footage.
Murray doesn't act that way at all in the games.
It's like the company decided to water down Murray's character to appeal to the target audience better, and that's inaccurate to his personality as while he's not as smart as Bentley or Sly, he's not an idiot either.
In essence, the Sly Cooper series is like a blend of a comic book about a gang of thieves, and a cartoon of the same nature.
It was aimed at kids, but didn't treat the audience like they were idiots because of their age.
In fact honestly, I can't even remember there being all that much humour in the game altogether.
Not that that's a bad thing, the games were still great with engaging storylines and interesting characters, and it never took itself too seriously to the point that you were like "Well now this is just straight up stupid"
I think it was probably that distinctive choice of artstyle more than anything else that shows why it was marketed to a younger audience, and so it disappoints me that in a supposed film adaptation of the source material, the filmmakers have essentially ripped out the series' most striking feature, and also lightened the tone when that wasn't even needed to appeal to a younger audience.

So there you have it, is this an accurate representation of the final product or will things change as soon as development gets underway? Personally, I think the film might be alright, it depends on how Munroe’s Ratchet & Clank film turns out in my opinion. Things can change a lot during production and all we have to do here is wait and see.

Sonic the Hedgehog (TBD 2018)

Okay, so literally nothing about this film is known at this point other than it will be a Live Action-CGI hybrid. If you actually sat through the 2013 fan film shown above, you’ll see why this doesn’t work.

Sonic is a cartoon. He has disproportionally sized limbs and big bulgy eyes. Humans. They do not mesh together! Was nothing learned from that disaster known as Sonic ’06!? Essentially this film is dead on arrival.

Now, I used to be a huge Sonic fan, the keyword is used. I eventually realised the sad truth about the Sonic series, it’s kind of crap.

When you look at it from afar, you’ll realise how many bad games the series has, how the heck does a series with such a poor reputation and bad games continue to persist for over 20 years? Well, considering the complete commercial failure of the Sonic Boom games back in 2014, this is likely a sign that the series is on its last legs, or more likely the stumps where the legs used to be because Big Daddy Sega has beaten the horse so hard they’ve fallen off!

You want further proof of how bad this series is at this point? In the past ten years there have been over 20 games released for the Sonic franchise, of those games only SIX have been good (Not counting Mario & Sonic games). Six out of over 20!? That is not a good sign of performance for your series! It’s clear to me that Sega are run by a bunch of idiots who have no idea what they’re doing and only hope that this movie will raise enough interest for the series to be resurrected for a third time! (FYI those six games are; Sonic Rush Adventure, Colours, Generations, 4: Episode II, All Stars Racing and All Starts Racing: Transformed (It’s sad when Kart racers are the highlight of your series)).

But back to the movie, it’s a live action and animation hybrid made by Sony Pictures and with the animation done by the people responsible for creating cutscenes for many of Sega’s own games, so at least the animation will be fairly well done.

Problem is, a Live Action Eggman is disgusting, you’ve all seen his design in Sonic ’06, that thing was NOT the good Doctor and that’s clearly what Sega’s promising at this point.

The plot of the film is unknown, but my guess is that Eggman does bad stuff causing Sonic and Friends to end up in our world and considering Sega’s track record my guess is that the film will climax with Eggman getting upstaged by some monster and Sonic will have to become Super to destroy it. The End.

The fear is that the plot of this film will likely just be the Smurfs movie again, which was the exact same plot as Sonic X but dumber and more pandering to kids. Prepare for Hank Azaria playing a dumber version of Eggman folks! At this point it wouldn't surprise me if they threw some toilet humour into the film just to show their classiness.

The point is that Sega are idiots and this film shows no potential even if you disregard the poor history of the franchise. The best that can be done for this movie is a cancellation and having Sega sell the Sonic IP to somebody who has more brain cells than Chaos Emeralds.

Colombia Pictures president Hannah Minghella has this to say about the film[33]:

“we're looking to capture everything that generations of fans know and love about Sonic while also growing his audience wider than ever before."

Considering how Sonic was once more iconic than Mickey Mouse and Mario, that ship has sailed.

Overall: This film will suck and nothing Sega do can convince me otherwise.

So that was many of the upcoming film releases that just happen to be based on video games. Thoughts? You got √¢‚ǨÀúem. Feel free to share √¢‚ǨÀúem. I’ll be checking out the Ratchet & Clank film when it comes out and tell everyone if it’s any good or not.




































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