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Who is Telltale's Minecraft For?

Tomorrow is a big day for Telltale Games. A big, pixel-y day. October 13th marks the drop of Telltale's newest title “Minecraft: Story Mode“ and I must say, it doesn't look anywhere near as ridiculous as I initially thought it was going to be. You can check out the trailer for episode one here.

A new gang of heroes to play with. All the fun of multiplayer without the horror that is portforwarding the router. Just me? Okay.

First, some history. When I first heard that Telltale were working with Mojang to bring to a game set in the Minecraft universe but set out like the previous Telltale titles, I chuckled a bit. “Good idea on paper“ I said, “but it will never translate. Minecraft is just too open ended. If it could have a story mode, it would have one already“. Once again, my initial reaction seems to have been proved wrong, however. Playing as either a male or female character named “Jesse“, the player must embark on a quest to do... well, something.

All I can discern from the trailer is that the “Order of the Stone“ killed the Ender Dragon this one time and a while later some guy approaches them and asks them to go on another quest. Pretty standard fantasy procedure. Whether or not this new quest is any good, I can't say. The trailer itself doesn't give much away, opting to play some vague dialogue over some clips of the main characters doing minecrafty-y things in settings anyone who's seen Minecraft will know. Nothing to write home about there.


All in all this raises the question: If anyone who has played Minecraft has seen the settings the layers are going to be put in, why should anyone bother picking up the Telltale story? My opinion is that the answer lies within the question. It's a Telltale game. Now, I'm not saying “buy this because it's Telltale“, as in my experience their games can be a bit hit or miss as they go. No, if you're a fan of Telltale or trust their storytelling ability, maybe pick this up when it drops tomorrow. This isn't Minecraft. It's a fantasy action adventure cleverly disguised as Minecraft so that the game has a captive audience from the get-go. It's the classic Telltale trick at it again but if the plan works then why change it?

This photo has no contextual relevance. It just made me laugh. Too much. This guy knows what you're after, if you catch my meaning.

I wouldn't recommend this game to fans of Minecraft. By all means go for it, if you wanna give it a shot but this game is a fantasy title at it's core. If you like fantasy and the inevitable humour that will come from putting fantasy in to a Minecraft setting then THAT sounds like a good enough reason to buy the game.It does to me, at any rate. Now I've said that to myself out loud, it does sound like a game from the Lego franchise, but hey: Minecraft is basically digital lego anyway, AM I RIGHT? Fine, I'll take my dated jokes and see myself out.

What do you think? Answer in the comments below and check out Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode when it drops on October 13th.


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