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Why We Don't Need Skate 4

There was a lot of games announced at E3 this year and one game fans still want, but never showed up, Skate 4Skate 4 is the long awaited skateboard game that fans want and EA will never put out. I don't know why people want this game so much. With EA's track record it will just become a crappy live service game plagued with microtransactions, and right now we have five new skate games in development or about to be released.

In feeling the Skate 4 void, we have Skater XL which is in early access on steam with a big level modding community, recreating levels from THPS, Skate 3, and real life skate spots. For me this is what it must have felt like playing Quake back in the day. Every few days you'd find a new map someone had made. Everytime Nightspeeds puts out a new video it's always some new level from the community. Even though the game is in early access it feels like 80% a full game thanks to the modding community.


Skater XL is not the only skateboard game to feel that Skate 4 void. For the past few years crea-ture Studios has been hard at work on Session. A new take on the skateboarding game. It's just an open world with endless possibilities. This was our first look at what Skate 4 could become. The folks at Microsoft liked it so much they made it an Xbox exclusive for 6 months. I bet they will make there way to the Switch and PlayStation seeing this polyamorous relationship they have with Nintendo and Sony. They were sent to release the game in the second quarter of 2019. The devs are trying to balance work and play without to much crunch. I respect that and I can't wait to see what the team has in-store. Even though we don't have many updates on the game, backers of the Kickstarter are getting to see where their money is going to.

Full on Skate type games are not the only thing the indie community is coming out with. Funktronic Labs are in the beta testing phase of their upcoming game Wave Break. Think Wave Racer 64 meets THPS and Twisted Metal/Vigilante 8 with cute bears. This is every classic game of my adolescence that I loved from the N64 and PS1 days all in one video game. I mean who doesn't want to be a cute bear shoot guns while doing flip tricks and grinds? I had a chance to talk to Kalin one of the devs about how the game came about.

We were experimenting with some boating games and someone added a ramp, and then a halfpipe, and then we started adding tricks and it was awesome and we kept going basically. We wanted something different and new for the skating genre and the idea of cool jumps from waves felt very dynamic and interesting; as for the guns, someone added one and it was pretty cool, so we tried to find ways to integrate it into the game. 

We've all see the cute little bird riding a tech deck  videos on YouTube right? Well Glass Bottom Games has taken that cute idea and turned it into SkateBIRD. A THPS type of skate game where you're a cute little bird on a tiny skateboard. Skating the sweetest of fingerboard parks made out of toothpicks, pencils, and Thrasher Magazines. With aKickstarter fully funded, though trying to reach that last stretch goal. Megan the creator of the game told us why she feltSkateBIRD was her next labor of love.

Nobody else was making the kind of skate game I liked (I grew up playing the Tony Hawk games), so heck, figured I'd do it myself. The idea came from watching a little GIF of an actual skateboarding bird. I totally get why folks want Skate 4 (I do too!), but while we wait another year, maybe try the skateboarding bird game. It's got some elements of Skate's feel that folks might dig.

As you can see we don't need EA to make a quality skate game. In November Sega is coming out with Sonic and friends Olympics 2020. Which will have a skateboarding and surfing mini games. I mean what's better than skateboarding as Yoshi or Tails? Nothing is, we don't have a good skateboarding game on the Switch. Ok we have OlliOlli Switch Edition, but that is not cutting it for the hardcore skate game enthusiast like myself. So be grateful for the people who are creating the next generation of skateboarding games. If you really want Skate 4 buy every game we talked about and show EA the money they lost to the indie devs who are making that Skate money.


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