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Game Weapon Practicality 02

So real life hit me over the past few weeks and i've been unable to type my cybernetics weapon thing i decided to do... so i shortened it and done magic briefly (in prep for the third thing) so enjoy this short analysis and ill upload these as possible..

So I have a friend who designed a robotic arm for when / if I lose my arm building or testing his weapons and how dangerous some were I felt inclined to look into it... And its too easy too look into the workings. Nerve endings trigger movement by sending elecro-chemical signals and then its motors and hydraulics' kinda the basic stuff for me... And its been done... Sadly im not looking at speed of it just making it work and it exists already so I need a new weapon too look at... So from my spiritualistic point of view (basically souls being a part of a person AND souls having an minor influence on our world and the people in it) does magic have any validity to it? 

Now magic is the manifestation of energy and a soul is energy which is you so what can a soul do? Now I can say 2 things for definite the first is that each person has different spiritual abilities l can identify spiritual traits to a degree and read specific aspects of a soul... There are moral issues so simply put it takes time to look at a soul as I cant look when I don't truly know someone and then I avoid personal stuff so it can take weeks to look at aspects of a soul... It takes weeks to look at a soul you with the 6/7 years of training in this ive had it gives me the magic stuff some ground.the rest will be covered in the next few weeks as magic is a difficult topic


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