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Top 5 WORST Perks in Call of Duty Zombies

We all love drinking expensive perks to help us slay endless rounds zombies, right? Well let's learn a little about some of them. There is currently a total of 12 perks in the Call of Duty zombies universe. Here is a list of the 5 perks are a complete waste of your points and should be avoided each game.


Having a third gun is great in zombies, right? Well, until you go down five minutes after purchasing this expensive 4000-point perk. Mule Kick is not so much of a "bad perk' but more of a point bankrupter. This glorious perk is known for making squeakers rage quit on round 30 of their zombie game. The worst thing that can happen to you when you purchase mule kick is get an amazing weapon as your third weapon, or "mule kick weapon." Once you go down, this weapon is lost forever. Good thing you didn't pack-a-punch it right? Losing a pack-a-punch weapon is arguably one of the most frustrating things in the game. Overall, Mule Kick will grace you a third weapon, but at what expense? It has the potential to bankrupt the player a total of 9950 points!(4000 for the perk + 950 for the box weapon + 5000 for pack-a-punching it) If you don't want to be constantly broke in zombies avoid this robber baron of a perk.


Who doesn't love headshots for days? With this perk your character will auto aim to the zombies heads and makes the player's crosshairs narrower by 35%. If the player is at least half decent at zombies, this perk is nothing but a utter waste of points. It costs 1500 points, which isn't expensive. The problem with this perk is that it takes up one of the four perk slots that a player is allowed to have (not including the use of Gobblegum in Black Ops III). Out of the 12 perks in zombies, Deadshot Daiquiri should not be bought because it doesn't benefit the player enough to be worth the perk slot. Side note: Attempting to knife a zombie with Deadshot Daiquiri will lunge the player to the zombies head which will most likely result in a miss. Overall verdict: Avoid Deadshot Daiquiri period.


Want to shoot your weapon twice as fast? Well you can't with Double Tap. Double Tap increases the player's rate of fire by only 33%. Additionally, it increases the weapon's recoil. This can make it extremely hard to control submachine guns and other types of weapons. The main problem with Double Tap 1.0 is that is is the ultimate ammo waster. On low rounds of zombies, Double Tap wastes ammo like no other because the zombies' health is too low. Once players get to higher rounds the perks doesn't seem all that bad, or at least until you pack-a-punch. Pack-a-punching a weapon with the Double Tap perk is like buying an express ticket to no ammunition. Because pack-a-punching a weapon also increases the weapon's rate of fire, adding Double Tap makes the weapon extremely hard to control. The perk only costs 2000 points so it doesn't necessarily break the bank but it will definitely break your ammo supply. Side Note: Double Tap 1.0 was so bad that Treyarch removed it from the game and replaced it with Double Tap 2.0. This new perk can be found in any zombie map in Black Ops II and newer. Double Tap 2.0 fires two shots at the cost of one. Dealing double damage, assuming both shots hit the zombie. Ultimately what it comes down to is, is the Double Tap machine 1.0 or 2.0. Avoid Double Tap 1.0 at all costs. However drink up Double Tap 2.0 and I assure you that you will have a good time.

2. Who's Who

Who's Who? I don't know!! This perk is more confusing than its name. What the Who's Who perk does is once the player goes down, a clone of the player will spawn with the starting pistol and then they have to revive the original player. If the player went down in the first place, how do people expect the new clone player to revive his original self with just the starting pistol. Usually what happens is the clone goes to revive the original downed player and then ends up going down himself. This is where things get confusing (if they haven't gotten confusing already). Once the clone and the original player are both down, your teammates must revive the original player AND the clone. This is because who's who? We do not know which is the original player and which is the clone!! This perk costs 2000 points and can only be found on the map Die Rise (I wonder why). The only good thing about the Who's Who perk is that if a player successfully manages to revive himself, he keeps all of his perks (minus the Who's Who perk). In the end, just avoid all of the confusion and save the 2000 points to spend on a more useful and reliable perk.

1. Tombstone Soda

Tombstone Soda is hands down the worst perk in any zombies map. This perk gives the player a bleed-out option once they are downed. If the player chooses this, a tombstone drop will spawn at the location of their death. Once the player respawns at the start of the next round, they can run to the location of their death and pick up the tombstone drop to receive all weapons and perks (minus the tombstone perk). What makes this perk so bad is the fact that it provides the player with an incentive to kill themselves and let their teammates fend for themselves. Players say, "No!!! don't revive me, I want my stuff back." This player greed ruins the zombie experience and literally screws over your teammates. The perk costs 2000 points and only appears in the map Tranzit. So, maybe Treyarch got the hint that this perk is absolutely terrible. Ironically, Tombstone Soda cannot be bought in solo...

Thanks for reading my thoughts on the top 5 WORST perks in zombies. Disagree with my choices for top 5 WORST perks? Post a comment of your top 5 worst perks or post on my twitter @UwwGaming. Subscribe for more top 5 and look forward to the next article on top 5 BEST perks in Call of Duty Zombies. My YouTube Channel:


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