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July 6, 2017 Nintendo Direct Recap

So in an attempt to rebuild hype for the yet to be released Splatoon 2 after the recent launch of ARMS, Nintendo decided to release a Direct showcasing both old and new features for the game. The video is a bit on the lengthy side, but provides a lot of info that was not shown in previous updates.

But as always, I will condense as much as I can so you can read it during your busy schedule.

  • First of all, all of the gear will be making a return in the same three categories: Hats, Shoes, and Shirts.
  • New weapon variations were shown off like the Clash Blaster, the Flingza Roller, the Goo Tuber, and the Dapple Duelies.
  • New sub weapons were also shown off like the Autobombs and Toxic Mist.
  • Then the new special weapons were given a proper demonstration.
  • You can now skip through Sheldon's long weapon descriptions.
  • Turf Wars and all three of the ranked battle modes will be making a comeback, but all of the ranked battle modes will now keep track of separate ranks instead of all sharing the same one.
  • A bunch of new arenas were shown off with some updated ones returning from the previous game such as Port Mackerel and Moray Towers.
  • All battle maps and ranked modes will now rotate out ever 2 hours instead of every 4 like in the previous game.
  • The tower in the Tower Control game will now stop at designated checkpoints throughout the match.
  • It is now possible to raise your rank by more than one letter grade if you played exceptionally well in a match.
  • Squad battles will be making a return.
  • Customizing your gear's ability slots is now much easier and new abilities were shown off.
  • The new Salmon Run horde mode of was shown to only be playable during predetermined times.
  • New Salmonids were shown off like the Steel Eel and Fly Fish.
  • There are some pieces of equipment that can only be won from Salmon Run.
  • A new version of Splatnet will be coming to smart devices through Nintendo Switch's online service.
  • The new amiibo will be used like memory cards to save your gear and weapon loadouts which can then be used to summon a "friend" you can take pictures with at the in-game Plaza.
  • Splatoon 1's graffiti mode will be coming back without the need for Miiverse.
  • Lan play is possible for more intense battles with minimal lag.
  • A rhythm-based arcade game will be available to play using the music from the game.
  • Some info about the Single-Player mode was shown off, but nothing new to report other than the fact that Marie refers to you as Agent 4.
  • New content like maps, gear and weapons will be coming to the game over the course of around a year through free updates. One of these updates will include a brand new weapon type called the Splat Brella which is a close range scattershot that doubles as a shield, and another one called the Bubble Blower which makes large floating ink mines.
  • With Callie and Marie being designated to the single player mode, two new pop idols named Pearl and Marina will be giving the player the news and will host the new Splat Fests.
  • Splat Fests can now be played with players on your friend list.
  • And finally, the game's first Splat Fest will go live on July 15 between the hours of 3pm - 7pm PT through a special demo from the Switch eShop. The theme will be cake VS Ice Cream.

So that's all I have to report today. I definitely can't wait for this game as I loved the original Splatoon quite a bit. I just hope I have time to play more Splat Fests this time around, but until then, I'll be seeing you.


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