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Kickstarter Announcement: Use Your Words! by Smiling Buddha Games

YouTube sensation Brent Black, who is better known as Brentalfloss from his video game songs with lyrics videos, has announced that he launched a Kickstarter for a brand new comedy-based party game that he and one of his friends, Julian Spillane, have been working on.

Much in the same vein as The Jackbox Party Pack and QuipLash, Use Your Words! will display the game on a main screen or monitor and input will be through a compatible device's web browser like a smart phone, tablet, console, or PC. The Kickstarter only needs $35,000 to reach its minimum goal and judging by the video it looks extremely promising; I hope that the stretch goals are reached as well. You can pledge whatever amount you want here, but until then, I'll be seeing you.


I have not been paid for this article, but I have donated some of my own money to the Kickstarter.

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