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Mafia III Announcement Trailer

Now set in 1968 New Orleans, Mafia puts you in the shoes of a new protagonist, Lincoln Clay. Clay is half black and half white, which is incredibly important to the story due to the events of Mafia III taking place in 1960's New Orleans, where violent racism is part of everyday life. Clay had a tough upbringing by being raised in a poverty stricken orphanage. He didn't find family until joining the Army during the Vietnam war. The violent events that Clay was involved with in Vietnam forever changed him.

Upon returning home, Clay, again finds family with the "Black Mob." Though, this is short lived as the Italian mob massacres the Black Mob and shoot Clay in the head, leaving him for dead. Wanting vengeance, Clay, builds back up his family to sufficient numbers and plans to go to war with all those who destroyed the Black Mob.

There are many groups and families looking to gain total control of New Orleans. As well as being skilled with killing, Clay, also has a knack for bringing together people, no matter the circumstances. In Mafia III, you will be able to bring in several gang leaders to act as your lieutenants in your growing criminal empire. This includes; Cassandra and her Haitian family, Burke and his Irish family, and Mafia II's Vito Scaletta and his Italian family. All these components create an unconventional family.

It's clear that Mafia III tackles some heavy themes like racism and war. Mafia III also seems to craft it's own story rather than serving as a direct sequel to Mafia II. Regardless, if you think Mafia III will be anywhere near as good as Mafia II then we will have 2016 game of the year material on our hands.


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