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Our First Look at Titan Brawl: A Real Time MOBA Mobile Game

While looking for new games on Google Play I came across the Early Access category. What I found was a little PvP/strategy game called Titan Brawl. The game comes from Omnidrone, a video game development company that was established by ex-Digital Chocolate colleagues, and later formed by developers from other companies (like King, Gameloft, Playfish, Social Point and Wooga). Omnidrone's first endeavor was a real-time strategy mobile game for iOS called Dwarfs and Dragons.

With most MOBA games, there are big areas that are hard too keep up with, and characters that have too many abilities to keeps track of. I am not very good at MOBA games like League of Legends, or Vainglory, yet I find myself feeling like a MOBA veteran playing Titan Brawl which was Omnidrone's vision for the game; that anyone who plays the game, from a casual mobile gamer to the most hardcore MOBA PC gamer will feel challenged and a winner at the same time. Even if you lose, you'll still want to play the game until you have gotten your team to the level you want them to be at to challenge the next top dog.

"We did not want to simply build a MOBA that is playable on mobile, we wanted a MOBA that is carefully crafted for mobile devices. We want to prove that you do not need a gaming PC to compete in eSports and your phone is just enough."- Omnidrone.

Titan Brawl is a real-time PvP game with intense 4-minute matches and awesome collectable heroes that blends action and strategy to test your combat skills to the limit. In the game you assemble a team of four comprising of intergalactic brawlers; from ex-military mercs to ancient gods. Tanks, healers, damage dealers... And one titular Titan. They have one mission - protect their Totem and destroy enemies’ one which are flanked by two towers. Opposing territories are connected with two lanes, where most of the brawling happens. You play the game by deploying your troops and using power-ups.

In the short time I have played the game it has become one of my new favorite games to live stream on Mobcrush. If you ever played a MOBA game and felt like a total noob that could never master the genre, Titan Brawl is the game that will give you your confidence back.

Features Include:
  • Real-time games, with real players;
  • Quick paced, 4 minute long matches;
  • Easily connect with friends;
  • Awesome heroes to collect;
  • Co-op with friends.


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