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PC Version of Arkham Knight to be re-released on Steam end of October

Warner Bros Interactive have posted in the Batman: Arkham Night Steam Group page that they are preparing new updates for the PC version of the game for those who already purchased the game before it was removed from sale on July 24th of this year.

Following these patches which are announced to be released quote, "We expect these updates to be ready at the end of October", the company plans to re-release the PC version to the general public.

The PC version of the game was originally removed from sale due to many user reports of performance issues to the point that the game was unplayable resulting in Steam's biggest high profile use of its refund policy since the introduction of the service earlier this year.

The majority of the comments responding to WB's Steam post, understandably perhaps, have not been kind.

Brief commentary:

I am curious on people's views on the two main debates that came from this indecent. First over the culture of Pre-ordering and whether it has as place in the digital age and is it just an early cash grab for publisher's?

Second, is the debate of whether PC players were being screwed over or not based on the expected quality for their choice of version and if developers should develop on PC first then scale for consoles, or remain as is it which is most of the time console first then scale for PC.

Debate away in the comments.


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