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Recap of Microsoft's E3 Conference

  • Microsoft's E3 conference opens up with a quick preview of the new Slim design for the Xbox One and Phil Spencer thanking everyone watching.
  • Xbox Play Anywhere is then announced. Xbox Play Anywhere allows gamers to buy a game once and have it available to them for free on either Xbox One or Windows 10. Achievements and save data is also available for transfer between the two.
  • New Gears of War 4 gameplay was then shown. The new gameplay showcased new weapons and environmental hazards that will dynamically affect both your team and enemies. Gears of War 4 releases on 10/11/16.
  • Transitioning from that, it was revealed that General Raam from Gears of War will be a new playable character in Killer Instinct
  • Forza Horizon 3 was then announced with a trailer showcasing many of the new environments and vehicles at your disposal. As the trailer ended, full gameplay was shown and the new Horizon festival location of Australia was revealed. It was also revealed that players can play with 3 other friends in the campaign mode and with players on Windows 10 PC. Forza Horizon 3 releases on 9/27/16.
  • A new ReCore gameplay trailer was shown after and showcased third person action oriented combat with shooting and platforming gameplay. The release window is slated for 2016
  • A new Final Fantasy XV gameplay demo was then shown. The release date is still 9/30/16
  • The first new piece of The Division DLC was then revealed. The DLC is entitled 'Underground' and focuses on the underground locations of New York. Randomly generated missions for The Division were also announced. The release date is June 28th.
  • A Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer shown was then shown and showcased how player dynamic the battlefield will be and many of the weapons and vehicles were also shown. It will launch 10/21/16.
  • New Xbox Live features were also announced. These new features include: Background music, choosing your preferred language, Cortana compatibility , Clubs, Looking for Groups, and competitive matchmaking for most games called Arena.
  • The Minecraft developers then came on stage and announced cross platform play on Xbox, Windows, and mobile devices. Dedicated servers will also be coming to console and will be called 'Realms'. This update will be called the 'Friendly Update' and will be released today. John Carmack made an appearance on revealed that Minecraft will be compatible with VR. A new feature called 'Add Ons' was shown and lets players change the AI of NPCs and enemies into whatever they wanted.
  • A new program was shown that allowed players to design colors for Xbox One controllers and buy them for personal use.
  • A new game from the Limbo developers was announced called 'Inside'. It was also revealed that Limbo will be free on Xbox One. The release date of Inside is slated for June 29th.
  • New gameplay for We Happy Few was shown, and will be coming to Xbox Game Preview on July 26th.
  • Gwent, the tactical card game from The Witcher was announced as a standalone game for PC and consoles. People can sign up for the beta now, and it will launch in September.
  • Tekken 7 was then revealed with a lengthy trailer with some gameplay shown. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will also be free on Xbox One. It is slated for a 2017 release.
  • After being leaked prior to E3, Dead Rising 4 was officially announced with a gameplay trailer. Titular Dead Rising protagonist, Frank West is back. Dead Rising 4's release is slated for Holiday 2016.
  • Brand new Scalebound gameplay was shown and features the largest boss Platinum has ever created. Co op was also revealed. Scalebound was recently delayed until 2017.
  • A Sea of Thieves trailer was then shown and immediately followed with all new gameplay footage.
  • To many people's surprise, State of Decay 2 was officially revealed. State of Decay 2 also appeared to have an emphasis on multiplayer.
  • A brand new Halo Wars 2 trailer was shown and has a release date of 2/21/17. A beta was also revealed and starts today, June 13th, and runs until June 20th.
  • A brand new VR compatible Xbox was revealed entitled, Project Scorpio. To ensure gamers that no one is getting left behind, Phil Spencer announced that Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Project Scorpio are all compatible with one another.
  • Phil Spencer then thanked all the developers that worked with Microsoft over the years and the gamers that continue to support them.


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