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Spotify to Enter Partnership with PlayStation

Yesterday, PlayStation announced it would be working with Spotify music to create a new application called "PlayStation Music." Spotify is a free music-player partnered with Facebook, in which you can create playlists consisting of any songs in their library, and play them at will. The website remains free by its use of advertisements, but a premium service is available.

One question raised is whether PlayStation music will operate like the Spotify program for the PC, or if it will act similar to the mobile app. In the mobile app, the service takes similarities to common radio apps, in which you may listen to radio stations based off of songs or artists, or you can listen to your personal playlists on shuffle. Many people may bedisappointed if PlayStation music is simply Pandora radio for your PlayStation. Do you believe the fusion of music and video games will be beneficial? Or will it lead to more price tags andhassle?

View the official announcement here.

I recommend downloading Spotify if you have a stable internet connection, and want free music.


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