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System Shock 3 Officially Announced

After 16 years of waiting, System Shock 3 has finally been officially announced. Otherside Entertainment are now at the helm of development. Otherside Entertainment are also partnered with Night Dive Studios. Night Dive Studios is a company that are trying to revive old classics. They are also currently working on the System Shock 1 remake.

Otherside Entertainment first launched a teaser site with nothing but an image of a logo that read "System Shock 3. Then, shortly after, the site displayed a countdown timer to what many fans correctly assumed to be an official announcement. After the timer concluded, the site displayed a large green computerized image along with the System Shock 3 logo as well as Otherside Entertainment's logo.

Interesting enough, if you try to save the green image, it will automatically name it to "Shodan." Not much is known so far about System Shock 3 besides that it is in development by Otherside Entertainment.

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