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System Shock: Remastered Edition Gameplay Revealed

If the announcement of a sequel to System Shock 2 wasn't enough for System Shock fans, Night Dive Studios have released a video showcasing their remake of the cult classic System Shock. This gameplay video showcases a number of improvements including: graphics, player control, combat, and sound design.

Although the news of the existence of a System Shock remake isn't exactly new, this is the first video that has been shown to the public. Built on the Unity Engine, System Shock: Remastered Edition is Night Dive Studio's attempt at both a 1:1 remake and a re-imagining of the original System Shock. Some features, such as the user interface and graphics, are getting a completely overhauled redesign in order to feel fresh for fans of the original game and to be more viable to a new generation of players.

Stick with us as news of System Shock: Remastered Edition and System Shock 3 develop further.


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