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System Shock 3 Teased

Hopes for a sequel to the critically acclaimed System Shock 2 are now sky high after OtherSide Entertainment launched a teaser site for System Shock 3. The site first showcased a black and white teaser image that simply said "System Shock 3", but later featured a countdown timer.

OtherSide Entertainment also went to Twitter and stated the following:

"Keep your eyes peeled here over the course of the next week..."

OtherSide Entertainment is a more recently formed development team that consists of many of the creative team members of Ultima Underworld. Most notably, OtherSide co-founder Paul Neurath worked on System Shock 2 at the now defunct Looking Glass Studios. It's also worth noting that the art director of BioShock Infinite Nate Wells also joined OtherSide Entertainment.
For those who do not know or need a refreshing, System Shock and it's sequel are first person RPGs set in a futuristic cyberpunk world. The first System Shock followed a master hacker as they try to stop the evil plans of a rogue artificial intelligence named SHODAN. System Shock 2 follows a soldier as they awake from cryosleep aboard a massive star ship called the Von Braun amidst an outbreak of a genetic infection.

If the word "Shock" in the title of a game sounds familiar to you, then you may know of System Shock's spiritual successor BioShock; which was also developed by System Shock 2's co-developer, Irrational Games.


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