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A potential direction for Far Cry: Primal?

Far Cry: Primal is the latest installment in Ubisoft's Far Cry series, set for release on February 23rd 2016. A trailer for the stone-age survival game went live recently and you can view it here.

Craft your own weapons and hunt dangerous animals

This game excites me. There's my opening statement. As much as it excites me, however, it also fills me with slight apprehension. This game could mean big things for the Far Cry franchise and even the genre as a whole (as I discussed in my recent video on my YouTube channel). Dragging everything back to the savage days at the dawn of humanity provides Ubisoft with a good standpoint to strip the cluttered world of the open world action game back and really provide the consumer with something new – assuming the "right" steps are taken.

One point I've been thinking about is the lack of speech. Ubisoft are no stranger to the exposition dump. It's one of the things that made me force myself through Far Cry 3's story and it's certainly a flow-breaker in the Assassin's Creed franchise. The fact that the people in the trailer seem to be conversing in a tribal language excites me because it's a fantastic way to ensure storytelling by showing, not telling. We all know it's possible to have an incredible story with little to no dialogue and doing so could be a great way for the environment and the actions of the characters to provide story progression and character growth. It's a bigger challenge, sure – but it's also often brilliant when pulled off successfully.

Angry, scary Sabre-Tooth is angry and scary.

Online mode is really something I'm interested in with regards the title. Having a tribe compiled of your friends would remove the “character progression via lack of speech“ idea I discussed above, but could provide a new dynamic to the game ensuring, for me at least, a second playthrough. Perhaps more. I'm excited for this possibility purely based off the fact that this could resurrect the idea of the multiplayer campaign. Experiencing a story together with people is a great experience, most of the time, and I for one would love this gameplay feature.

All in all, this game could be a bold move for a AAA developer to make if I'm on the right track. There's a very good game nestled within this concept and I for one await the drop of the title with equal parts excitement and unease.

Far Cry: Primal is set for release in February 2016. Check out the website here.

Did I mention the angry rival tribes? 'Cos there's angry rival tribes.


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