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A Tentative Look - Darkness Overrun.

Darkness Overrun is a interesting game where as you might expect, darkness has overrun the world. Being developed by Shadow Zone studios, it is currently in pre-Alpha so its bare bones and is more of a proof of concept rather than game. It is nevertheless an interesting looking game and may very well turn into something that'll make you lose your bowels over.

The premise of the game at first glance seems to be like most in the survival horror genre, survive until you die. What makes the game unique is that its utterly pitch black all day, everyday. Thankfully it seems like you can through various means and tools, create life affirming light. Unfortunately for you there are mobs of zombies who are attracted to any and all sources of light. So an interesting dilemma is offered to the players, how do you survive when you can't see anything and any light you turn on will bring zombies like flies to a neon light. Live only off what every light your torch provides or look for greater sources of light, and of safety or at least some safety.

Darkness Overrun hopes to be a open world, with a lot more ground to explore that what was shown in the reveal. It also will have base building. So hopefully you'll have the chance to go full I Am Legend and pimp a sweet pad to keep the zombies out and the light in.

The game is obviously in pre-alpha so it's a very long way from being done, but Shadow Zone is going to have a alpha demo live soon so you'll have a chance to play for yourself. If you're interested in keeping up to date with whats going on you can follow the studios Twitter @SZSGames.


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