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Civilization: Beyond Earth- Is it worth it?

The newest game in the highly-acclaimed stratagy game series Civilization came out a while back and I only just got my hands on it, and I felt the need to compare it with the previous game in the series, Civilization V, to see if it was actually worth the money I threw at it. Beyond Earth is set in a time where Earth has, to be honest, fucked itself over. World powers, or 'corporations', have sent ships out into space with 'worthy' civilians on board to create a new civilization on different habitable planets across the galaxy. It's your job as x corporation to win by choosing one of five different ways, by enslaving the population of earth by creating a gate to earth and sending soldiers there, bringing the population to earth and settling them in your lands, becoming 'one' with the planet by getting really high a plant or something on those lines, contacting some aliens far off in space or the good ol' domination victory.

Beyond Earth is what I found easier then V to get a grasp of; the tutorial is just a little bit more user-friendly and it is perfect for any new Civ players. Other then that though I found it not much better then V. It's somewhat shorter and easier to win with only a small amount of corporations and the "large" map not being as big as in the previous game. There isn't much advantage to being one race over another which is okay and the choices you make affect the outcome a lot more then any choices you would make in V but there are no mods, nothing strange like being able to be a facist dick to everyone and that is where Beyond Earth just doesn't shine like the other Civ games. Beyond Earth is V with a fancy coat of paint, different enemies and a more intuitive tutorial. If you're new to Civilization, buy it, but if you're a Civilization veteran and you don't have too much money to spend then leave it be and just get some more mods.

Besides, it's fun being a Nazi Russian warlord on Earth, and you can't do that in space....right?


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