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Crypt of the Necrodancer, 'Beatdown to the beat'.


Indie games are quite unlike any other genre of games. They can take an idea that would sound crazy in any other format, and turn it into a compelling, immersive game. 'Lets make a game where the players move giant blocks, to survive', sound familiar? That's because I just described Minecraft. One thing I like about games like this is that it has so many different aspects that don't seem like they would mesh well, but somehow they manage to conceive a game that does exactly that. Sounds a little like a chef just throwing random ingredients into the pot. Some rhythm, a little dungeon crawling, RPG, and rogue-like for good measure. Eh, Voila Crypt of the Necrodancer.

   The music, it compels me to WRECK SLIMES! The game play in CotND (Crypt of the NecroDancer) is most interesting in the fact that everything revolves around the music. Why? Because you're a zombie whose heart is controlled by a NecroDancer. The story is simple, Candance (you) is looking for treasure, but when she enters the dungeon she falls to her death. When she awakes she finds that her heart beats as if it were a drum, eager to get her heart back she goes in search of the NecroDancer.

 Move over WASD

The game uses only four keys, the arrow keys. These control where you move: up, down, left or right. They also control what items you use, which are selected by inputting two keys at once (for example left + right). There is nothing else you need to remember in terms of controls. But don't let the simplicity of the controls fool you, the dungeon is anything but safe. The game doesn't try to hold your hand too much. There's a short tutorial, but that's about it. Mostly you've got to figure it out on your own.

But is the music good?

For a game based completely and utterly around music, the music needs to be good. That depends, for instance, is the color purple your second favorite number? It's a matter of opinion, as it always is with music. If you're asking my opinion (and I hope being a total retro head has some merit), then yes, the music is bloody terrific. No tune is a pushover, each one is absolutely amazing in its own right; and they never grow old. You might have to replay a level hundreds of times because you are a scrub and you need to 'git gud' (i know that feel), so replaying a level with the same song will happen. I found that no matter how many times I had to replay a level, it was always amazing to listen too.

If you do somehow get tired of a song (no idea how that would happen), the developers added a truly magnificent option. The ability to add your own songs, indeed. Ever felt like cracking skulls to Daft punk? Perhaps stomping wraiths to Prince? The possibilities are as endless as your music library. You'll have to have mp3's however. So perhaps not endless.

Pixel art? What's that?

So as you might be able to tell, I enjoy pixel art. So let me tell you that this game doesn't disappoint, but then again its nothing spectacular. There are no wondrous views like in Dark Souls and the dungeons aren't as atmospheric as Shovel Knight. But it fits sooo good. I honestly have a hard time thinking of a different art style that would work, plus, pixel art, am I right?

Mod it till it crashes.

Maybe you get bored with playing as Candance, or you want the shop keeper to be that creepy old man who gives you the sword in legend of zelda. Well guess what, you can. I love games that allow for modding, and actually encourage it. You don't limit your game to whatever you put in, but you give the community free reign to craft as they see fit. The amount of content in that game skyrockets, as does re-playability. Some mod for the 'kek', others for creativity's sake. Don't ask whether you should, ask if it'll look alpha when you wield the master sword.

Final say:

I am enjoying every second I play this game. It looks amazing, feels amazing, and sounds like the gods had synthesizers instead of lutes. The game is still in early access in steam, but with the amount of content already in the game, and the active community, there's a whole lot more game to look forward too. So if you don't mind paying up early, this game is definitely worth it.

            So hold on to that dagger son, and what ever you do. Don't you drop that beat.


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