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Dungeon of the endless deaths.

Do you like RPG's? Do you like rogue likes? Do you like tower defense? Do you like strategy? Do you like turn based games ? Do you like dungeons? Do you like multitasking? Because you'll love Dungeon of the Endless. Which is basically all of the things I listed, all mashed into one grand game.

Your ship is going down, the only way out was an escape pod with the ships energy source, the Gem. As you pray to whomever you pray too, the pod hurdles towards an unexplored planet. You crash down, luckily the pod is tough enough to hold on impact, but it burrows itself deep into the planet's crust. Looks like it won't be going anywhere now, and it seems the only way up, is through the ruins of the planets monster infested dungeon. It looks like you'll have to fight your way out, or die trying.

Fighting your way out won't be easy though, as you'll have to power rooms and set up defenses, or be overrun. Most of the action in this game centers around keeping the Gem safe (as it is your only power source) and getting to the strange lifts. The only way to progress is to open doors, which act as a sort of next turn please button; in which you'll receive additions to supplies of food/science/industry. Food is used to level up and heal heroes, science to research and upgrade turrets, and industry to build turrets. Then once the resources are tallied one of several thing will happen, the most likely being swarmed by enemies.

The art is amazing too. The pixel art is smooth and well defined, with a darker color palette that really gives a atmosphere that fits the story. It has a similar feel to Risk of Rain, but takes a 3d(ish) approach instead of 2D, but if you love one you'll love the other. The music is not a strong point I feel with this game, and is often a little loud for myself. The monster sound effects however are well done, and it'll send chills down your spine when you know you're not ready for that 3rd wave of monsters headed for you.

On that note I should address the difficulty levels. There's too easy, Easy (which is default) and unlock-able harder difficulties. Now as a beginner, you might think Easy difficulty would be okay, but you couldn't be more wrong. Easy is tough, and you'll not likely get further than level 3-4, you'll be swarmed. The game requires real thought, and without it you'll start losing heroes left and right (and the tears will flow). So if you like strategy, then this game is swamped in it.

But don't take my word for it, here listen to this talking dog.


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