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Evolve - Hunt Mode Mechanics

I've recently learning a lot aboutTurtle Rock Studio'snew gameEvolve. One of the first games that I watched was hunt mode, I thought the concept of hunt mode was awesome. In the game after the monster reaches max level it is able to attack the reactor. After watching about a dozen matches it always ended with one of the two teams dead and the reactor mostly untouched. My first though was entire addition of the reactor was pointless and stupid, but after thinking about it the game can't work without it.

A hunt match takes ten minutes to play max. If both sides are still standing at the end of the matchTurtle Rockmade it so the hunters will win automatically. In doing so there is no reason for the hunters to attack the monster. As long as they can avoid the monster for the ten minuets they are in no trouble and can win without engaging the monster. Because of this they added the reactor so the hunters "avoid strategy" is useless. If the hunters choose to avoid the monster, it can attack the reactor instead.

The reactor itself can't regenerate lost heath and the monster could solely attack the reactor and win knowing every hit he made is permanent and he knows the hunters can't kill him quick enough to stop it, butTurtle Rockwas cleaver in their solution.Whenever the monster wants to damage the reactor they approach it, press a key and let the animation do it for them. If the monster would take any damage during the animation, it would stop. Because of this the monster can't damage the reactor whenever the hunters are nearby, preventing the monster from getting a cheap victory.

The sole purpose of the reactor is to kick-start the final confrontation andto make the hunt meaningful. The reactor draws both sides to it to kill each other. If ether side fails to show they would lose. The high stakes ending that makes the game fun to watch wouldn't happen because the hunters would avoid the monster the entire match and walk away victorious. And the reactor give purpose to the hunt because the hunters don't want to fight a max level monster. The hunters willactivelysearch for the monster while it's low level and try to kill it before they areforced to fight the monster because they need to stop it from destroying the reactor.


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