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Games To Check Out - Eternal Winter

Quick article for you guys. Normally, I tend to avoid both Early Access games and survival games like DayZ since Steam is absolutely flooded with them, but this one caught my eye and genuinely impressed me. Instead of zombies or other players to survive against, Eternal Winter, has you surviving against nature in a hostile open world winter environment where you must scavenge and hunt for supplies. Eternal Winter is being developed by an indie developer by the name of "Developers Pack". This time though, you aren't alone. You are accompanied by 4 dogs that you can name and pick their play styles before starting a new game. Not only do you have to feed and keep yourself hydrated you also have to keep all four of your canine companions fed and hydrated. Because hydration is key. Eternal Winter has a minimalistic style to it that is actually quite appareling and reminds me of Eidolon. 

Like I said, the graphics have a minimalistic style to them but that doesn't negatively effect the overall experience. The animations on the dogs are surprisingly smooth and the different play styles do have an effect on the gameplay for each dog. 

You can scavenge buildings for supplies and hunt animals such as deer for meat. This is essential because you can eat things such as candy bars and cans of beans the survive, but your dogs can't. They can only eat meat. You or the dogs can eat the meat raw or cooked and, just like real life, cooked meat is better for you.

The game isn't finished. That's why it's in Early Access and because of this I wouldn't normally recommend a game in this state to anyone just yet, but I've made an exception here because the developer seems honest and has been dedicated to rolling out an update every week and he has been following up on this every week so far. The money helps him put together a team to help him finish the game by next year. 

The developer is also going to create a 4 player Co-Op mode later down the line. Finally, the game is currently on sale for $5.99, lowered from $9.99 until March 1st. (today being February 26th, 2015)


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