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Gunjack 2: End of Shift Google Daydream's Best Shooter Game of The Year (So Far)

Google has me hooked on mobile VR with it's headset the Daydream. Mobile VR has become my newest gaming obsession. I have not played standard mobile games as much as I have been besides a few like Cards Against Friends and Critical Ops.

One game that I have not been able to stop playing is Gunjack 2: End of Shift. It's a sequel to the critically acclaimed and best-selling VR shooter Gunjack. It originally was a game that was made for the Oculus in 2015, though now you can get the game for every major VR headset besides Daydream.

The game takes place in what is called the EVE Universe, where you are a turret gunner in the dangerous Outer Ring of New Eden. Though you don't fight for power or for money, you fight just to see another day protecting the Kubera and it's precious cargo.

The reason why I like Gunjack 2 over other VR shooter games I've played is that the game takes advantage of the full capability of Daydream's controller by using the track pad swipe technology to select your load outs. Along with understanding that it's better to not have the option of using "where you look is how you aim." The controls are very fluid and works perfectly for this type of game.

This game is stunning. For a mobile game I think this is one of the best VR experience I've had so far this year. The game makes you feel what it's like to be a turret gunner in this EVE Universe. It uses the 180° game play to its full advantage. You would think all VR shooters would be the same. Though you are sadly mistaken.

Besides a really fun and we'll thought out campaign mode. I have found myself playing the game solely on the games replay factor of daily and weekly challenges. Every day there are three new challenges based on difficulty from easy to hard. I frequently play all three, though the easy challenge at level 13 was the same agonizing hardship you faced on level 2 hard, where you had no load out, you had to kill to keep your health from automatically dropping, and one unshielded hit means you're dead. The challenges are a great way to level up quickly, along with unlocking cool guns and other load outs.

I think the fine folks over at CCP Games did a great job of being their EVE Universe to life with Gunjack 2. You may have passed this game up thinking that no mobile game is worth $12. Well I think I've gotten my $12 worth with just the daily and weekly challenges alone.


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