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Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is a topdown, 8-bit, super violent action game. If you like fast paced game play and retro graphics along with a surreal story and awesome soundtrack then you'll love Hotline Miami. Trust me this game will make you feel like the ultimate badass while you're single handedly killing a bunch of Russian mobsters. 

But every game has it's flaws as much good as I wanna say about Hotline Miami. One of those things would probably be that while playing Hotline Miami you die a lot. The game play is extremely fast paced and doesn't pull punches. Getting hit once with a weapon or by even one bullet will kill you in this game. If you mess up for even a split second you're likely to die.

Regardless I like the challenge and the fast paced gameplay. I'd definitely reccommend playing this game if you're looking for something to take up your time when you're bored and have nothing else to play.

All in all I rate it 8.5/10


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