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Modern Combat Versus: Zone Control or Die!

If you're an avid mobile gamer you have played Modern Combat. The mobile franchise version of Call of Duty. It's the reason you may have bought a phone that could run the 1gb game. So you could play a mobile game that felt like your favorite FPS next to Doom.

2017 brings us the long anticipated follow up to 2014’s Modern Combat 5: Blackout with Modern Combat Versus. MCVS still has big open battle area's, though the game is just one mode, Zone Control. Each game you're paired with different plays of different ranks though you are in the same league.

Leagues are separated into six different elements: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, and Diamond. You reach the next league by collecting trophy points from winning multiplayer matches. You're also demoted from a league by losing multiplayer matches, in turn you lose trophy points.

Though all this is nothing new with free mobile PVP. Creates to level up your players XP with some coins thrown in, unlocking new characters, leveling them up to match the ones you started with, you know the deal. Though besides the typical PVP format, MCVS has become a daily game I will play, and stream for people to watch me as what I have coined #ZoneControlorDie.

I don't know how long the hype train will be, seeing the game seems to be in a alpha stage. I have already seen a lot of frustrated players in the MCVS Facebook Community and in the reviews on Google Play. The game has gone from a 3.9 rating to a 3.5 rating just in the first week of it's release. Compared to the game's predecessor's rating of 4.3. We will just have to see how many people jump off the MCVS train like a hobo when they see they're about to come to the next hot town that is Shadowgun Legends.


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