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OK Golf: The Only Golf Game You'll Want on Your Phone

Every golf game I've ever seen advertised on the Google Play store or in a game just looks super lame. So I never bother to try it out. Though this last week I started playing one of my favorite mobile RPG games Evoland, and I got curious to see what new games Playdigious (publisher) was coming out with next. To my surprise they had just launched a new game for Android partnered with okidokico (developer) called OK Golf.

The game was this minimalist 3D game that looked like Hitman GO, a strategy game Square-Enix put out a few years back. It was the simple indie look that made me want to play OK Golf.

The game is very simple to play. Swipe back, move your finger to direct where you want your ball to go, then release. Even though that sounds super simple, these courses are accurately real life layouts of actual golf courses around the world.

From the lake country of Georgia

To the desert landscape of Arizona

To the Zen gardens of Japan

To the islands of Hawaii

And the beach fronts of Miami.

These courses are very challenging. It took me multiple tries on many of them to get a birdie first try. Getting under par (birdie or eagle) gave me a full three stars. Even though I was screaming at my phone every time I missed the hole, I still did not want to stop playing the game like I do with some games after being frustrated by my failure.

The game has three single player modes per course. The first is Free Play. Free Play let's you practice each course as many times as you want. After finishing Free Play the course is opened to Championship and Timed Mode. Championship is a regular scored golf game. So the more you practice in Free Play the better you are in Championship mode.

I have not played every mode or have gotten to try the multiplayer feature yet. Though it looks like like it can be fun playing friends all over the world, as long as they have the game and are running off the same OS. You can even do pass and play if you're looking to have some fun at the bar with your friends.

Overall this is one of the best casual games of the year. Definitely worth the $3. Don't wait till it's on sale or in a humble bundle. Get this game not the overpriced coffee you don't need.

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