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Sisters: Faye & Elsa Episode 1 A Look into the Mobile VR Horror game

So I got a new ZTE Axon 7 phone a few months back and a few weeks ago it was upgraded to Android Nougat 7.0. Along with the update the phone became an official Google Daydream ready device, so I went to my local Best Buy and picked up a headset for $50.

I came across this game called Sisters: Faye & Elsa Episode 1, a puzzle-driven horror game. You play as Emmanuel Burke in the year is 1993 in Willahauk, Massachusetts. Your Aunt Faye has gone missing and you get locked into her house only to discover it may not be so empty after all.

The game is very creepy, there is no background music, only ambient sounds of your surroundings. I found a few of the puzzles so challenging I had to watch a walkthrough on YouTube. There were no hints throughout the game so you have to look for a puzzle within every interaction. I think if the game had some hints I could have enjoyed myself a little more. I found myself frustrated to the point where I couldn't play the game for a few days, though I am invested enough in the game that I want to finish the series.

The gameplay and the immersive environment that Otherworld has created in this game is astounding, and definitely worth the $7 price tag. This is a full 360° game unlike some other games I've played where you only use about 180° of the range to play the game in. It really helps give that horror atmosphere you would get from a PC or console game.


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