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So Far, So Good. Overwatch Has Met Expectations

Overwatch, or Team Fortress 2 with waifus, was finally released last week to the delight of many. Arguably one of the most anticipated games of 2016, Overwatch offers 3 different editions available to purchase, a $40 'standard edition' available only by digital download and exclusively for PC users, a $60 'Origins Edition' and a $130 'Collectors' Edition'. The Origins Edition is available for both PC and consoles as a hard copy or digital download that includes the game, 5 skins, and some random content for other games like Hearthstone. The last, and my personal favorite, is the 'Collector's Edition' for $130, which is only available as a physical copy at a brick and mortar store or Amazon, contains everything in the Origins Edition as well as a visual source book, soundtrack and a beautiful Soldier: 76 statue.

But, is this game, with no campaign and only one game mode, online multiplayer, worth allocating a part of your gaming budget?

Unequivocally, yes.

Yes you should buy this game, regardless of what you own, Xbox 1, PlayStation 4, PC, Genesis, whatever. Concerns over being a poorly ported game are unfounded, the controls are friendly to both controller and k/m (unlike Team Fortress 2, have you ever tried using a controller in the game? Spy is no longer a viable option).

Overwatch answers the age old question of who is better, a skilled archer, or a skilled sniper in ever single game. Overwatch appeals to the FPS gamers, the Sci-Fi lovers, those who love to beat down people with fisticuffs, the ranged lovers, tanks are actually tanky instead of easily exploited like in games past. With a decent amount of playable characters, Overwatch has pulled off what many have thought to be a lost art, a character line up with each one being unique in their play style and abilities.

The quick games and loot boxes awarded upon every level add to the 'one more game' addiction that already plagues the majority of gamers and helps gamers quickly forget poor results as most games take less than 10 minutes but seem surprisingly longer in-game.

Blizzard has been doing everything right so far, listening to fans and dealing with detractors correctly, i.e, Tracer pose. Game director Jeff Kaphlan even announced that all new heroes and maps will NOT incur an additional charge. "We just know that when we patch a new hero into the game, we want it to be free and not as DLC."

Well done Blizzard. Stay true to the game, the gamer base and continue to do what's best for Overwatch.

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