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Underrated Gems - The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady is a point and click adventure game developed by Harvester Games and published by Screen 7. This is genuinely one of the creepiest games I've ever played. The atmosphere and art style are so spooky that this feels like one of those haunted games in Creepypastas. Most point and click games in this day and age are underrated, but The Cat Lady takes the cake for the most underrated point and click game.

The Cat Lady outs you in the shoes of Susan Ashworth. Susan is a clinically depressed middle aged woman whose only friends are cats. Her depression worsens to the point of Susan taking her own life by swallowing a handful of pills. Susan then awakes in a strange, not Heaven nor Hell, where she encounters an old woman known as "The Queen of Maggots" who may or may not be Satan. The Queen of Maggots offers Susan a chance at redemption, but she must first rid the world of 5 psychopaths. Susan is then sent back to the world of the living to undergo her task.

The story is very well told and you a genuinely begin to care about Susan and the people you encounter on your journey. Though, some people may not be who they say they are; thread lightly...

The art style in The Cat lady is horrifying, but at the same time it has a morbid beauty to it. The developers put tiny details into every frame of the game. The art style actually reminds me a lot of Silent Hill's art style when Silent Hill was still good. Never has an art style to a game (let alone a point and click game) creeped me out so much; even to the point that I was uncertain if I even wanted to keep going on.

Other developers really should take notes from this gem on how to tackle depression in video games. The Cat Lady is really an emotional roller coaster that will leave you in tears during more intense moments of the game. Two things I got from this experience was a new found appreciation for life and a stronger will to live. You know when a game can do that to you that it did something right. That wasn't until I had finished the game though so if you don't finish it quickly while you're depressed it may make you even sadder so head my warning.

The Cat Lady is unlike anything I've ever experienced. It manages to capture the horror atmosphere of the earlier Silent Hill games and what made point and click games like The Secret of Monkey Island. There really isn't another experience like the one found in The Cat Lady. Even if you aren't a fan of point and click games you will still get enjoyment from this game. Same goes for people who aren't fans of horror. Another thing to note is that there aren't any damn jump scares which is as rare as Gearbox making a good game that isn't Borderlands.

In the end, I can't say enough good things about The Cat Lady. Horror and point and click adventure games have never mixed together so well before. The Cat Lady is not for people with weak stomachs though. There are some pretty intense moments and imagery. That same, "What the hell am I looking at? All I know is that it's horrifying and I want nothing to do with it" imagery that you got with early Silent Hill games. Play this gem in the dark and with headphones. 9/10


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