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Updated Review: Aliens Go Home Run!

So it came to my attention that the first beta of this game that I played was glitched to the point where beating stage 1-5 wouldn't register as a win, which as a result wouldn't unlock the next stage. I personally thought that the rest of the game past that point was just unfinished so it was left locked until the official release. But the devs got in contact with me and fixed the problem so I could finish the game and give it a more informed review and analysis. Much of my opinion hasn't changed from the initial article I wrote so I'm going to keep this addendum short, sweet and to the point. As such, I would suggest that you should read that article first so you aren't lost here.

(Disclaimer: Like before, any and all content that this game's beta contains may be changed or altered in its final release. Please keep this fact in consideration while reading.)

So first of all, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Each of the 70 stages and 9 bosses have their own unique challenge to them witch gradually increase in difficulty as you play. But I did have one major problem with one stage and one stage only: 5-7. Every regular stage before and after it were perfectly fine and a lot of fun when it came to their difficulty relative to where it was placed in the game, but this stage in particular was severely unbalanced. I get that the game is still in beta and is currently being tested for bugs, but when I'm subjected to a bullet hell while avoiding mines AND those thwomp-like enemies for nearly an hour where every other stage took roughly 5 minutes (bosses at no more than 10 minutes), it starts to feel more like a chore. The only other gripe I had with the game is that some of the achievements didn't proc when they were supposed to, but that didn't bother me too much. I've never been big on collecting achievements in games.

Now that one stage didn't ruin my experience of this wonderfully crafted game. It would take a helluva lot more than one bad stage to make me hate a video game; I'm not that petty. So like I said, my overall opinion was largely unchanged. And now that I've beaten the game, I feel that I can properly score this game like I have in every other review I've done. So until next time, I'll be seeing you.


Edited by Gilgamesh


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