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REVIEW ATOM RPG - Early Access Review
ATOM RPG - Early Access Review
Since the days of Wasteland and Fallout, fans of post-apocalyptic wastelands have longed for a new addition to the genre that is even worthy of being mentioned in the same discussion as the masters... Read more...
4 min read
REVIEW The Surge - Review
The Surge - Review
In the creatively inept cesspool known as the modern video game industry, one publisher must tirelessly remind us every year that there are still worthwhile games and developers out there... Read more...
7 min read
NEWS June 6, 2017 Nintendo Direct Recap
June 6, 2017 Nintendo Direct Recap
So Nintendo announced out of nowhere an extremely short Direct that was completely Pokemon centered, and so close to E3 no less... Read more...
2 min read
REVIEW Review: Pokemon Sun & Moon
Review: Pokemon Sun & Moon
Well it's been about a month since Pokemon Sun & Moon wowed the gaming community with its Hawaiian influenced theme and I've spent a pretty good chunk of my personal time playing it over that month in order to get a good feel for the game... Read more...
4 min read
REVIEW Review: Paper Mario Color Splash
Review: Paper Mario Color Splash
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with JRPG's. Most of the time if the story is compelling but doesn't have engaging gameplay, I have to stomach my way through the game just so I can enjoy the plot; sometimes the opposite is also true... Read more...
5 min read
REVIEW The Technomancer - Review
The Technomancer - Review
In an industry that has seemingly forgotten how to make a proper RPG, Spiders have to once again remind us what an actual RPG looks like; and that RPG is The Technomancer... Read more...
9 min read
REVIEW Chronicles of Elyria - The MMO of Dreams.
Chronicles of Elyria - The MMO of Dreams.
Note: If you'd like to join the community for this game please use my friend code: 2A03BDNote 2: This is my understanding of the developer journals, I may have misunderstood some mechanics and features entirely, and I most certainly have skipped over... Read more...
11 min read
REVIEW Dungeon Souls Review
Dungeon Souls Review
Before I start this review, I'm just going to say that I received a free review copy from the publisher. That being said, I was told to give an honest and fair review, and that's exactly what I plan to do... Read more...
1 min read
REVIEW Bastion Review
Bastion Review
The game is constantly introducing new enemies, bosses, weapons, and abilities, right up until the very end of the game, which is great given the 10 hour campaign. I've seen triple A titles with less weapons and abilities than Bastion... Read more...
2 min read
REVIEW Wasteland 2: Director's Cut - Review
Wasteland 2: Director
Having been the inspiration for the Fallout series and given a new chance at life with a sequel on Kickstarter, Wasteland 2 is back again with the "Director's Cut" that includes a number of new features and improvements on top of the Wasteland 2's or... Read more...
4 min read
REVIEW Lost in Obscurity: Sigma Star Saga
Lost in Obscurity: Sigma Star Saga
As someone that will play just about anything that is handed to me, it is not uncommon for me to stumble upon a game that is extremely unique but had never really caught on... Read more...
2 min read
OTHER Top 10 Gameplay Mechanics in JRPG's
Top 10 Gameplay Mechanics in JRPG
These days, JRPG's like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy are a dime a dozen. They all feature similar if not the same gameplay mechanics where you and your opponents take turns dealing damage to each other until one side is declared the victor... Read more...
8 min read
OTHER Living the Fantasy Life
Living the Fantasy Life
Lets face it, we all hate chores, running errands, and pandering to the needs of annoying neighbours, but for some reason we just can't stay away from games that incorporate these aspects of life into game-play... Read more...
2 min read
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