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11 long years later, Madden finally returns to PC.

The last time a keyboard and mouse controlled the movements of American football's finest, Oblivion's GOTY edition was gracing the shelves.After getting hit wit…

Laurence Xavier


Review & Editorial: AM2R - Return of Samus

Let me preface this by saying the following. I don't usually play fan-made games, usually because of the ones that I've played the quality differs greatly from …

Cory Clearman


100% Accurate Review of: 'The Walking Dead: Michonne EP1' "In the End"

Below is the script for the video above.Oh dear. I wonder why ED does this to himself -Cat100% Accurate Review Of:The Walking Dead: Michonne EP1 (PC)By Edward L…

Pants Gaming


100% Accurate Review Of: RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER (PC)

Below is the original script for the video, yes the spelling is horrible, Ed can't spell, I'm sorry. And yes, this is satire. -Cat100% Accurate Review Of:RISE O…

Pants Gaming


DC Universe Online - Playstation and PC Cross Play starts today

Disclosure: I have been a regular subscriber of DCUO since the games release in 2011 and have spent significant money on the in game store during the last 5 yea…

Jodis Welch


PC Master Race: Build List of 2015 (Part 1 of 2)

"Wait, what?" You might ask yourself, after seeing the title, "Why not 2016?". And the answer to that is simply because nothing new is out yet. So, with my keyb…

Anon E. Moose


Why Warhammer Vermintide Should be my New Favourite Game

I love waves. Give me waves of anything and I will destroy it. Especially rats. The Vermin are here and I have been given badass medieval tools to slice dice or…



Early Access Impressions: Spooky's House of Jump Scares

Developer: Lag StudiosPrice: FREEThis game will cost you nothing, so why not try it? If you want to know what you are getting into, read on(Spoilers Probably)Sp…



Review: Shadow Warrior ( Very Minor Spoilers)

BasisShadow Warrior is a wonderful ride through humor and gut wrenching fun where you play as the geeky lovable mercenary Lo Wang, working currently as one ofOr…

Devan Beyer


Spotify to Enter Partnership with PlayStation

Yesterday, PlayStation announced it would be working with Spotify music to create a new application called "PlayStation Music." Spotify is a free music-player p…

Grant Yamnitz